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19.12.2014 - News

Senegal: Back home after three years’ treatment in Switzerland

“Little Mame Diara Ali Lo, usually called Baly, was treated for a malignant tumour of the retina at the Jules-Gonin Ophthalmic Hospital and the University Hospital Centre of Lausanne (CHUV), in the specialized treatment programme of Terre des hommes. The final examinations proved positive, allowing Baly’s definitive return to her family in Senegal.

Baly will soon be four. Since the end of 2011, she has been with her parents for only a few months, for two stays between the stages of her treatment. She has never had a birthday at home. With us, her host family in Switzerland, she learnt to eat, walk and talk – getting a taste for cheese and pancakes.

With Terre des hommes’ agreement, we accompanied Baly to her family in Senegal in September, as we had promised her at the previous separation. We stayed a few days in Dakar in accommodation organized by the local Terre des hommes office, together with her parents and seven-year-old brother.

For the first time in Africa, we were amazed at the avalanche of thanks, compliments and the many and various messages. Baly’s parents were especially grateful, thanking us over and over for having looked after and taken care of their child.

We frequently emphasized that we were only one link in the chain that made the recovery of their daughter possible. This is why we are now addressing this letter to share with you the gratitude of all the people we met. Thanks to the doctors who treated her and thanks to the specialized treatment programme of Terre des hommes, Baly could be fully cured. Our part was to look after her and be with her throughout her treatment.

Finally, we should like to quote a Terre des hommes employee in Senegal: “These actions are the best ambassadors of the West”.

The host family,

Dominique and Andre Patthey”

In the framework of its programme for specialized treatment, Tdh aims at ensuring access to treatment for all the children suffering from serious diseases.