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15.03.2015 - News

Syria: Reclaiming part of a lost childhood

The consequences of war

Five-year-old Yaser* has been living in the EJC with his parents and his little brother Sami* for the past two years. His family, like thousands of others, had to escape Syria because of the war. After long days of travelling in very tough conditions, they arrived at the camp where they now live along with 5,000 other Syrian refugees. Although he was only three when his family fled his home country, Yaser still remembers the warplanes that flew over his old house and is relieved he doesn’t have to hear them anymore.

Respite from the harsh reality

At the camp, both brothers now regularly take part in the psychosocial and recreational activities organised by Terre des hommes. “I like playing with other children and learning new songs”, says Yaser. The whole family benefits from the positive effects of the project: “I was able to make friends with other women of the programme” explains Yaser and Sami’s mother. The different activities allow children to reclaim a part of their lost childhood and deal with what they went through. Grown-ups also find a little respite from the harsh reality of the war and are relieved to see their children smile again.

*Not their real names. Photo for illustration purposes only.

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