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04.11.2013 - News

Terre des hommes launches its national campaign against child exploitation

Terre des hommes wants to draw attention of the public to child labour issues, a battle that the Foundation has been leading for over 50 years. Through numerous projects, Tdh comes to the aid of nearly 200,000 exploited working children in over 15 countries. But the eradication of this scourge cannot be done effectively unless everyone is mobilized, both in the field and in Switzerland. This is why we are launching a national awareness campaign.

Although there is less child labour now than in the past (168 million in 2013 compared with 245 million in 2000), there are still nearly 85 million youngsters engaged in the worst forms of work throughout the world, that is to say one child in two. These children can be found almost anywhere, doing dangerous, exhausting tasks: gold extraction, domestic labour, factory work, picking cotton, begging or even prostitution. According to a recent report by the ILO (International Labour Organisation), the target of totally eliminating the worst forms of work by 2016 won’t be reached. It is therefore urgent to take action now and to make even greater efforts.

Sunita, a symbol of these millions of exploited children

Sunita is a symbol of all the young victims of exploitation in the world, whether labouring in farming, industry or in service. Like a large majority of them, she is very young, vulnerable and liable to be badly treated by her employers. Her daily work is hard, the hours are long, and she has no access to elementary rights like healthcare and schooling.

Join us in the fight against exploitation

Tdh appeals for your support to protect all the little ‘Sunitas’ in the world. From today, you, too, can help by becoming an ambassador for our campaign. There are many ways to do this: you can share the articles from our internet site with your community, you can replace the photo in your Facebook profile by the face of Sunita, downloading it from our Facebook account, or you can make a donation.

By supporting our campaign, you help protecting these children in a lasting way. Your engagement and your donations assist the Foundation in its fight against exploitation.