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20.12.2018 - News

Our response to three major challenges children have faced in 2018

We have supported children living in the overcrowded camps of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, helped children return to school in war-torn Iraq and guaranteed their right to health in West Africa. As the year draws to a close, we look back at these three major challenges for child relief in 2018 and the impact of the work of Terre des hommes’ teams. There are three figures to keep in mind:

55,000: the number of Rohingya children and their relatives being supported in Bangladesh

Nearly half a million Rohingya children are still living in shocking conditions in Bangladesh. More than one year after the wave of violence that forced their families to flee Myanmar, they face malnutrition and are unable to attend school in the Cox's Bazar camps, the world’s largest refugee settlement. This year, Terre des hommes (Tdh) has supported 55,000 Rohingya children and their families. Their health and protection have improved thanks to our nutrition, hygiene and sanitation projects, as well as our psychosocial support activities.

In November, Tdh also joined forces with 41 other NGOs to oppose Myanmar and Bangladesh’s plan to repatriate the Rohingyas. The plan offered these families no guarantee of a safe return. Thanks to international pressure and the mobilisation of the Rohingya community, the plan has been abandoned.


39,000: the number of children who were able to return to a classroom in Iraq

Four years of conflict with so-called Islamic State have deprived hundreds of thousands of school-age children in Iraq. Some have been forced to flee the fighting, others have lived in areas occupied by the jihadist group and have been exposed to violence and indoctrination. Tdh has worked with the Better Shelter Foundation to help children resume their education in this post-war setting by providing shelters for 330 schools to use as classrooms in the war-torn areas. More than 39’000 schoolchildren have been able to return to school. We also support teachers with training to provide appropriate care for children who have suffered trauma.

1.4 million: the number of children diagnosed this year thanks to IeDA

In West Africa, one child in ten dies before their fifth birthday. One of our goals for 2018 was to improve diagnostics and save lives. This year our IeDA application has been used in medical consultations with 1.4 million children in Burkina Faso and Mali. Since 2014, more than 2 million children will have been examined using this innovative tool which allows the medical staff to record the children’s data on a digital tablet and to improve their treatment thanks to a correct diagnostic.

All this work has been possible thanks to you and your invaluable support. THANK YOU!

Photo credit: ©Tdh