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Because every child has the right to a childhood

On Universal Children’s Day, the 20th November, Terre des hommes wants to spread the message that every child in the world has the right to a childhood. It’s that simple. But how do we guarantee this in practice? Around the world, our teams tackle malnutrition, prevent child trafficking and set up safe and joyful environment for children. Discover through our gallery how we give children a place to grow up without worries.

Every child has the right...

...to have sufficient and adequate food

India malnutrition child rights Terre des hommes (Tdh)

India: In the Sundarbans area, together with our partner, we reinforce the local infrastructures and skills of health personnel to tackle child malnutrition. We care for malnourished children in the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre, where they can stay with their mothers.

...to have access to healthcare services

Tdh's IeDA-project is a health care innovation that improves the medical treatment for children in Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso: Our innovative project IeDA supports health care workers in West Africa with digital tablets and mobile applications to improve children’s health. Since 2014, over 700,000 children have been consulted using this tool. The deployment in 30% of all health centres throughout the country has drastically reduced the number of incorrect diagnoses, and children benefit from better medical treatment.

...to be protected

Terre des hommes (Tdh) protects street children in Albania in the ARSIS daily centre from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Albania: Street children are frequent visitors of the ARSIS Daily Centre from Tirana – one of Terre des hommes’ partners. In this safe space, children play and learn, and are supported  by highly qualified professionals. They are part of our Child Protection Hub for South East Europe, a network of protection professionals, which enriches their knowledge and improves their practices. In the Centre, children are given the possibility to grow in an environment far from violence, exploitation and abuse they risk to face on the streets.

...to not be separated from their family

Terre des hommes tackles child trafficking in Ecuador, Tdh child rights

EcuadorOur teams are helping children in Cotacachi, who run the risk of being trafficked and separated from their families. Following false promises by traffickers, the situation of many children becomes a mystery for the family after they leave home. Once they reach their destination, they are mistreated, sexually abused, and abandoned to themselves. We seek to prevent human trafficking by organising summer camps where more than 5000 children have learned about the risks through theatre, cinema and recreational activities.

...to an education

In Egypt, Terre des hommes (Tdh) creates access to education for girls.

Egypt: To tackle girl illiteracy in economically vulnerable areas, we provide literacy classes and offer young women training to start their own income generating activities. We also raise awareness among them about the environment, health and human rights. This helps girls become more independent and guarantees their right to education.

...to an adequate living standard for their development

Terre des hommes supports families and children in Greece with protective apartments for refugees.

Greece: To provide refugees with a more dignified housing solution than staying in refugee camps or on the streets, Terre des hommes provides around 15 apartments in Thessaloniki and 30 in Ioannina, where refugee youth and families get assistance to cope with the transition into their lives, including social help, legal support, as well as psychological aid. This provides vulnerable asylum seeker youth and children with a safe accommodation which secures the conditions of living for them to develop.

...to play

In Peru, Terre des hommes (Tdh) promotes child friendly spaces in schools for guaranteeing the right of children to play.

Peru: To reduce violence and to promote play in the Ramon Castilla school, Terre des hommes has participated in the setting up of Recreos amigables (friendly spaces). School children, parents and teachers have repainted the recreation court and have put in place games like hopscotch, jacks, mini-football and skipping rope. This project has helped improve the school climate and encouraged children to play in a healthy environment.

...to participate

In Romania, Terre des hommes (Tdh) supports children from vulnerable communities.

Romania: Our SHINE project in Bacau County, one of the poorest regions in Europe, improves the lives of disadvantaged children through infrastructure investment in education, health and social services. We encourage children to help us find the most important things they need in their communities. What do they wish for? Goodhearted people, games, toys, colourful schools, roads, water in their houses, toilets in the schools, better school buses, a place where they can eat lunch at school, but also swimming pools and cinemas. We gather their proposals and by the end of 2019, when the project finishes, we hope to make some of them come true.

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