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26.12.2013 - News

For us, Tdh it's... to have a lot of children

Sometime it was one who was hired, sometimes it was the other, the second followed and looked for work with other organizations on site or volunteered for Tdh. That is what happened during the couple’s last mission for Tdh: after cyclone Nargis passed through Myanmar, Robert had the assignment of opening a delegation in a country still very closed. He not only benefited from the support of the Swiss Confederation but Cindy as well, setting up the project for the protection and reintegration of underprivileged children detained in government homes. At the time of taking his retirement, Robert explained that he much appreciated working for a flexible and learning organization “Tdh is a NGO who permits the creation of pilot projects, without immediate results. We sometimes have need of one or two years of trying before finding THE best manner of intervening” , he elaborates.

Cindy relates that “the most remarkable mission to me was Afghanistan. I set out alone with only a backpack to open the Tdh office in Kabul. The capital was reduced to ruins after the bombing.” And added: “It warms my heart to know that the project for the street children, Ashiana, still functions and that it is managed by a local organization.”

Rob and Cindy were also personally involved in the countries where they were working. They decided to live on only one salary and committed the second to the impoverished children. In fact, they committed themselves for the long term through school sponsorships, notably in Sri Lanka and Uganda. Cindy also founded a small NGO in Myanmar that supports 35 families.

Robert Millman during his mission in Mozambique in 2007.

“The photo of 4 children in Sussundenga District, Manica Province with their birth and citizenship registration papers. This photo was taken after a registration campaign organised jointly by Tdh and the Provincial authorities across 7 districts in Manica and Gaza provinces in Mozambique during which hundreds of orphaned and non-registered children were officially recognised as citizens. It was many months of work but a truly satisfying highlight of the partnership between Tdh and the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare.”

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