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18.11.2014 - News

What is the difference between a child labourer, an exploited child and a child slave?

There is a distinction between a child that is working and a child that is being exploited through work and a child that is being forced to work. In many countries, children are a necessary part of the economic structure of their family and take on a job while still under parental protection and work in suitable conditions. However, more vulnerable to the risks of abuse, acts of violence and to violations of their rights, one child worker in two is exploited.

The fight against child labour: a pillar of Tdh’s protection programme.

Everywhere, all too many children are forced to do hard or dangerous work for a derisory or non-existent wage. Our Foundation runs numerous programmes against exploitation, particularly in Nepal, Mauritania, Haiti or Egypt, to come to their aid.

“Through these projects, Tdh seeks to assist the youngsters exploited in cotton fields, mines, stone quarries and markets, as well as young domestic workers. Our approach to offer socio-economic assistance and to encourage education is clearly recognized as the way to get things done, according to the report”, observes Mirela Shuteriqi, Tdh’s specialist in protection against exploitation and child trafficking.

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