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Qualified Nurse (specialising in Nutrition) - Cox's Bazar

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Published 12/07/2018
Entry into function 01/08/2018
Deadline As soon as possible
Professional field Thématique
Location Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
General conditions Expatriate contract under Swiss labour code 2’950 CHF (~2’550 €) < > 4'300 CHF (~3’700 €) net /month according to experience x 13, Holidays: 25 days per year. Local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance, accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight. Duration: 5 months.
General description A minimum of 3 required years of related work experience in nutrition. He/She ensures the quality of the work of Terre des hommes teams and more particularly in monitoring the latest national and international standards (MOH, WHO, UNICEF,...), updates and various recommendations from Tdh resource persons in the field of health/nutrition.
More details

Opening and running of a Stabilization Center

  • Ensure the start-up and development of the Cox's Bazar camp SC.
  • Ensure compliance with national protocol standards for therapeutic milk preparation and management of children at SC.
  • Provide initial, ongoing training and supervision of SC staff through a training plan.
  • Ensure compliance with the basic hygiene rules of the SC.
  • Ensure the quality of clinical care.
  • Monitor and supports psychosocial activities carried out at SC.
  • Ensure good interaction between staff and mother-child couple.
  • Ensure good collaboration between referral hospitals (MSF, etc.) and the psychosocial service.
  • Ensure proper management of stocks and logistical and administrative procedures in general in conjunction with the health/nutrition coordinator.
  • Strengthen partnership links with various players in the nutrition/health sector.


  • Work with the PM and WBS program managers, particularly regarding referencing and data transfers.


  • Write monthly reports with analysis of results.
  • Write the health/nutrition part of the donor reports (intermediate, final) and the Tdh annual report.
  • Create and track the tools to obtain the verification sources required for the project.

Abuse Prevention Policy – Child Protection Policy (CPP) – Operational Risk Management

  • Undertake to ensure the best possible implementation of the Child Protection Policy (CPP) and operational risk management in his/her intervention zone and within project teams (in the case of an identified problem, contacts the Emergency Coordinator to report it).
  • Assist in the implementation of resources for promoting awareness and necessary supervision for his/her local colleagues to adhere to the Child Protection Policy (CPP) and operational risk management.
  • Participate in monitoring protection cases, allegations or possible/potential violations of the Child Protection Policy under the supervision of the Head of Delegation.
  • In conjunction with the Emergency Coordinator, analyse the security situation in his/her area and inform the representative through periodic reports.
  • Contribute to updating the security plan on his/her area(s) of intervention.
  • Check that the members of staff in his/her area(s) are in fact following safety procedures.


  • In his/her professional activities, adhere to the values defined in the strategic plan: commitment, expertise, integrity and self-reliance.
  • Work in different cultural backgrounds and in difficult situations, deal with confrontation due to differences (intercultural).


  • Make himself/herself available in the event of a disaster with medical repercussions.
  • Ask about national protocols in the areas of health and nutrition.
  • Assist the coordinator in health and nutrition advocacy as required.
  • Work closely with other departments including PPS and Protection.
  • Strictly follow Tdh safety rules.
  • Organise training plans to strengthen the capacities of Tdh staff at the heart of the SC.
  • Ensure compliance with administrative and logistical rules.
  • Training: specialized nursing care (nutrition, pediatrics...)
  • Several years (at least 3 years) of hospital practice. Experience as a nurse head of care unit is an asset as well as experience in infant nutrition.
  • Experience in a humanitarian context.
  • Emergency and development aid context, nutrition, team management/leadership, team management and coaching.
  • Skills: Ability to adapt (including security issues), autonomy, sense of organisation, initiative, manager, communicator, analysis, synthesis, writing, IT (pack office)
  • Languages: English (French not required).

Following the massive displacement of more than 688,000 people into Bangladesh since end of August 2017, Tdh has put in place an important emergency response plan to provide relief to the Rohingya refugees, notably on health, WASH and protection.

Professional experience required 2-5 ans
Experience in NGOs required 2-5 ans
Level of study
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