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Data Engineer

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Published 16/11/2022
Entry into function 02/01/2023
Deadline recruitment is open until the position is filled
Professional field
Location Switzerland
General conditions Between 6’300 CHF and 7’100 CHF – depending on experience – gross/month x13.36 months * This position is subject to funding.
General description During the Tdh Integrated Data System project, Data Engineer will be responsible for designing and implementing a Data Warehouse and Data Marts for Tdh HQ functions (HR, Fundraising, Communications, Logistics, etc.). The person must be able to leverage both architectural and software development skills. Besides the project's technical part, Data Engineer will be part of a Data Governance cohort that the US foundation will organize. As part of this cohort, our project team will be able to achieve critical data governance objectives through hands-on training, technical support, and funding. 
More details

 The data engineer will have the following responsibilities:

  • Working closely with other team members on system configuration, tools, and identification
  • Communicating with data users from different groups at HQ
  • Supervising a full-time data engineer intern
  • Building on and developing fluency in Big Data ingest and transformation, as well as being responsible for data quality and integrity for the pipelines
  • Delivering clean and scalable data profiles/open data models to facilitate reusability and flexibility for changes over time - in an agile development environment and to inform the daily actions of user groups across the organization
  • Contributing to managing the organization's internal data assets, methodologies, and tools for users/application developers.
  • Higher education in engineering, computer science or a master's degree in Data Science or Data Engineering.
  • Experience acquired in previous companies to provide infrastructure and tools available for Data Scientists and Business Analysts.
  • Mastery of various operating systems: UNIX, Linux, Solaris,
  • Mastery of structured languages (Javascript, Scala, Python...),
  • Knowledge of database solutions (SQL, NoSQL, etc.),
  • Strong expertise in data storage and ETL/ELT tools
  • Mastery of Big Data technologies for data processing and manipulation (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka...),
  • Strong experience in data warehousing projects and data preparation. Cloud data warehouse experience is a plus (Azure, AWS, Cloudera Data Warehouse, etc.)
  • Understanding of basic principles of data governance.
Context As a leading Swiss child relief agency Terre des Hommes (TdH), we protect children against exploitation and violence, improve children's and their mother's health and provide emergency psychological and material support in humanitarian crises. Our projects (around 250 projects each year) cover many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle and Far East, where we collect large amounts of data in our areas of expertise (Health, Migration, WASH, Child Protection, etc.). In addition to the field data, like any other organization, Tdh also produces a large amount of data related to finance and accounting, human resources, logistics, and fundraising by deploying various solutions (Abacus, Saga, Homere, Aid Coverage, CRM Dynamics, etc.) with their own data management requirements. With our 2021-2024 strategic plan, we aim to unlock the power of data by giving innovation and digitalization a key role and finding opportunities to deepen data usage to analyze better and monitor our impact. Within this concept, we plan to launch the Data Center for Excellence in TdH, where we plan to have a team of people with different expertise. We are benefiting from the support of a large US foundation specialized in data aiming to support nonprofits while equipping nonprofit teams with mentorship, tools, and expertise. As part of this program, we aim to progress on our data governance practices, exchange knowledge and skills with other participating organizations, build a centralized database and create an integrated data system for our HQ functions. Digitalizing Tdh's internal processes will allow us to cross-check different internal data sources, analyze indicators through intelligent dashboards, and provide Tdh Executive Team with accurate data for making informed decisions. For this Tdh Integrated Data System Project, we are searching for a Data Engineer motivated to work in a humanitarian organization. The person will help us succeed in bringing our data tools to the next level by: • Exploring the data storage and warehousing options to build an Integrated Data System for Tdh HQ functions (HR, fundraising, communications, logistics, etc.), • Building a Data Warehouse/Data Lake to empower data-driven decisions.
Professional experience required
Experience in NGOs required 0-6 mois
Level of study
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