Our ambassadors and volunteers

Committed to helping children, our ambassadors and our volunteers raise public awareness of the work of Terre des hommes. We are most grateful to them for this invaluable collaboration.

Terre des hommes is fortunate in having the support of volunteer ambassadors who, due to their careers, are in the public eye and a focus of media attention. These prominent people, well-known artists, radio and television hosts, and Miss Switzerland, all raise public awareness of vulnerable children. Our ambassadors represent Terre des hommes at public events, hold interviews, and support voluntary initiatives such as the sale of oranges. Moreover, they visit our projects accompanied by journalists, in order to alert the public to a specific problem. 

The volunteers represent an essential part of our work and who we are. They support our fundraising efforts and contribute to informing the public about child rights. Their help in improving the lives of thousands of children around the world is invaluable. 

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There are multiple ways to help children and support our work.

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Put your skills to use and grant some of your free time to helping children.

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Help improve the future of children in distress.


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Support the children who need it the most and help us change their futur.