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In the last five years, more than three million people have been displaced in Afghanistan. The causes were conflicts, droughts or deportations from Pakistan and Iran. Terre des hommes (Tdh) provides humanitarian assistance and protection to these highly vulnerable children and families who often do not have access to basic services such as water or education and health. The COVID-19 pandemic made the situation of children and their families worse, access to health services and other basic life means got tougher.

What we do

Mother and child health

Many displaced persons live in unofficial camps in Kabul. Pregnant women, mothers of newborn babies and children are given regular medical check-ups by qualified local midwives who are trained and managed by Tdh. Through prevention sessions, women and children are informed about the positive effects of vaccinations and are made aware of antenatal and postnatal cares and hygiene measures including COVID-19 awareness raising.

Child protection

Tdh is committed to supporting families displaced within Afghanistan but also returning from Pakistan and Iran. These families find themselves isolated, cut off from their communities, often living in extreme poverty. Children are out of school, exposed to child labour and early marriage. We work in communities to provide protection services through psychological and social support activities, educational sessions for children and awareness raising on child rights and child protection for adults in the community.

Access to justice

The crisis situation in the country impedes the functioning of the rule of law as well as the imple-mentation of basic human rights. In rural areas, customary law is predominant, and often in strident contrast with child and woman’s rights. Tdh helps children in conflict with the law by working with the government to implement measures that replace detention. Tdh aims at enhancing safe and fair justice for women and girls and boys focusing on supporting better due-diligence process in the implementation of EVAW - the law for the elimination of violence against women ratified in 2009 but which has not yet been put into practice. Often, mediation mechanisms are applied in cases of violence against women, so there is no investigation or prosecution of offenses committed.

The protection and counselling support Heela and her family got from the social worker is priceless, as they now live together peacefully and she has developed a life more in line with the one of a little girl’s.

Heela*, 'returnee', got back her childhood


Terre des hommes in Afghanistan

Beneficiaries 2020


182,688 people

Expatriate / local employees


1 / 98

Budget 2020


CHF 2,535,000




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Tdh begins working in Afghanistan by launching a project assisting street children.
Midwives begin making home visits as part of a project launched in Kabul and extended to other cities.
A child rights consortium is formed with four national and international NGOs.

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