The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.


More than 1.2 million Afghans were forcibly displacement by conflicts, droughts or deportations from Pakistan and Iran. Terre des hommes (Tdh) provides humanitarian assistance and protection to these highly vulnerable children and families who often do not have access to basic services such as water or education. Tdh also supports young people in contact or conflict with the law by promoting alternative measures to detention and by proposing activities in juvenile rehabilitation centres.

What we do

Mother and child health

Many displaced persons live in unofficial camps in Kabul. Pregnant women, mothers of newborn babies and children are given regular medical check-ups by qualified local midwives who are trained and managed by Tdh. Through prevention sessions, women and children are informed about the positive effects of vaccinations and are made aware of hygiene measures.

Rural development

Tdh combats poverty and child labour by helping families improve their livelihoods. This is achieved through a road construction project that links rural areas with more developed areas. Working with local partners, we help women become more independent by creating farming cooperatives and improving natural resource management. Families and children in isolated areas get better access to schools and hospitals thanks to new routes that we develop with communities.

Juvenile justice

We help children in conflict with the law by working with the local authorities to implement measures that replace detention. We also work to improve living conditions in juvenile rehabilitation centres and to create rehabilitation opportunities for young people. We train justice professionals such as police officers, prosecutors, judges and social workers in restorative juvenile justice and push for the implementation of child rights for children in contact or conflict with the law.

Child protection

Tdh is committed to supporting families displaced within Afghanistan but also returning from Pakistan and Iran. These families find themselves isolated, cut off from their communities, often living in extreme poverty. Children are out of school, exposed to child labour. We work in communities to provide protection services through psychological and social support activities, vocational training and educational sessions for children and young adults.

The protection and counselling support Heela and her family got from the social worker is priceless, as they now live together peacefully and she has developed a life more in line with the one of a little girl’s.

Heela, 'returnee', got back her childhood


Terre des hommes in Afghanistan

Beneficiaries 2018


110,104 people

Expatriate / local employees


3 / 165

Budget 2019


CHF 5,568,058




Where we work

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Tdh begins working in Afghanistan by launching a project assisting street children.
Midwives begin making home visits as part of a project launched in Kabul and extended to other cities.
A child rights consortium is formed with four national and international NGOs.

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