We improve the health of children and their mothers in camps for displaced persons. We help young people in difficult situations meet their basic needs. We promote economic development in rural areas.

The situation in Afghanistan

After 35 years of conflict, there is very little infrastructure. Basic services are at a minimum. This has seriously affected the economy. As a result of this insecurity, much of the population has been displaced. Many people have taken refuge in camps, especially in Kabul and around large cities. These families do not have access to drinking water, education or health services and receive no government assistance.

What we do

Mother and child health

Many displaced persons live in unofficial camps in Kabul. In these camps, pregnant women, mothers of newborn babies and children are given regular medical check-ups by qualified local midwives who are trained and managed by Tdh. In emergencies, Tdh ensures affected communities have better access to drinking water and sanitary facilities. In 2015, Tdh’s midwives have helped over 5000 mothers and about 3580 babies.

Rural development

Tdh combats poverty and child labour in affected rural areas by helping families improve their livelihoods. Working with local partners, we help women become more independent by creating farming cooperatives and improving natural resource management. Families and children in isolated areas have better access to schools and hospitals thanks to new routes we develop with communities. In 2015, our projects improved the lives of 24,000 people.

Juvenile justice

We help children in conflict with the law by working with the government to implement measures that replace detention. We also work to improve living conditions in juvenile rehabilitation centres and to create rehabilitation opportunities for over 230 young people.

Child protection

Tdh provides food, drinking water and access to sanitary facilities to children who are working, in conflict with the law or in street situations. Our local staff give them opportunities to learn to read and write so they can go back to school later on. Protection centres helped 850 children in 2015.

"All the midwives trained by Tdh know the families they work with. Ensuring more births are attended by qualified personnel does have a positve impact: the mortality rate for children under five has dropped every year since 2000. "

Doctor Noor Khanum, manager of the Kabul health project


Terre des hommes in Afghanistan

Beneficiaries in 2015

87,403 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

5 / 121

Budget 2016

CHF 2,982,079 .-

Programme locations

Kabul, Jalalabad, Rustaq, Torkham

Local partners

Afghan Women's Educational Center (AWEC), Afghan Education Production Organization (AEPO), the Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN)


Where we work

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Tdh begins working in Afghanistan by launching a project assisting street children.
Midwives begin making home visits as part of a project launched in Kabul and extended to other cities.
A child rights consortium is formed with four national and international NGOs.

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