Rohingya Emergency
More than 200,000 children who were victims to violence have found refuge in Bangladesh. They are in desperate need of immediate assistance.


The population of Bangladesh faces many challenges: malnutrition, limited access to medical treatment and sanitation are a reality. Natural disasters regularly strike areas with difficult living conditions. Our teams improve the health of children and their mothers. We strengthen community actors and the government with the goal of providing access to quality health care through autonomously managed facilities. We also train them to be better prepared for natural disasters.

What we do

Mother and child health

Tdh fights malnutrition by organising awareness campaigns, seminars, discussion groups and cooking demonstrations. One example of how we help to increase food production is the creation of elevated gardens, which are less prone to flooding. Our experts work with the local authorities and medical staff to improve existing facilities and the quality of care for children. Furthermore, we support early married girls through individual care and sensitization of communities on the topic of sexual and reproductive health.


Frequent flooding increases the chances of disease spreading and children are particularly at risk. Our teams work with local communities to implement sanitation systems and to improve access to drinking water and hygienic toilet facilities at home. We also train communities in hygienic practices like hand washing to prevent the spread of disease.

Natural disasters

We help the local population to better respond to recurring floods. Our teams work with local authorities and members of the community to draw up emergency plans and increase reserves of basic necessities. In the event of an emergency, we are immediately able to distribute hygiene kits and provide financial aid to those who have lost their belongings and their crops.

Nazma lives in a small village near Kurigram, in a very underdeveloped region of Bangladesh. Thanks to her vegetable garden and her active involvement in the Tdh programme, Nazma's third child was born healthy.

Nazma, the mother of three children


Where we work

Terre des hommes in Bangladesh

Beneficiaries in 2016


628,439 people

Expatriate staff / National staff


1 / 240

Budget 2017


CHF 1,575,460.-

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Terre des hommes begins working in Bangladesh.
Launch of the schooling and professional training programmes for orphans, abandoned children and children from poor backgrounds.
Opening of a hospital for children suffering from severe malnutrition.
Development of a partnership with the Ministry of Health in Bangladesh.

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