Burundi is facing a socio-political crisis that affects its economy. The vast majority of its population lives below the poverty line. Children are the most affected and are confronted to all sorts of violence. We are working with the Ministry of Justice to implement a restorative justice, which reintegrates children in conflict with the law into the society while guaranteeing their rights. We reinforce and support the actors in the communal system to establish a child protection framework which supports good existing cultural practices. .

What we do

Child protection

We are putting in place a protective system for children through community-based structures. Children who are victims of violence or in conflict with the law are taken into care and supported as they reintegrate into society, to school and to the workplace or are referred to appropriate services. With our partner, we work to free children who have been rounded up on the street and refer them to services that can accompany them home.

Acess to justice

We train actors from the judicial system (police officers, social workers, staff in juvenile detention centres, justice professionals) in restorative juvenile justice. Children in conflict with the law benefit from alternative measures to the deprivation of liberty and detained children are looked after and can follow psychosocial activities to prevent reoffending. Children under the age of three who are living with their mothers in prison are cared for in a creche to prepare them for reintegration into the community.

Humanitarian aid

We provide emergency aid in natural disasters such as floods, landslides or population displacement. In 2019, following the floods in Bujumbura, we provided the affected families with school supplies, blankets, cooking utensils, torches and shoes.

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Terre des hommes in Burundi

Beneficiairies in 2019


70,668 people

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Budget 2020


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Where we work

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Start of Terre des hommes’ work in Burundi.
Creation of a national programme to reintegrate orphaned and marginalised children.
Foundation of a network of 14 local organisations dedicated to defending the rights of children living on the streets.
Start of a project aimed at children and youths in conflict with the law.
Implementation of a training programme to prevent violence and crime in collaboration with the University of Cape Town.
Creation of a partnership with the Ministry of Labour to support children working as domestic servants.
Initiation of a violence and delinquency prevention programme.
Creation of a curriculum of psychosocial activities that prevent reoffending in collaboration with the School of Criminal Science in Lausanne.

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