Child protection in emergencies

In the event of a natural disaster or the outbreak of fighting, our teams immediately travel to the area affected to protect children and their families. We work with the local authorities and communities to prevent violence, exploitation, negligence and abuse with respect to children.

Terre des hommes’ emergency projects to help children in humanitarian crises

Individual support and group activities

Our teams offer psychological and social support to children and families, to help them overcome stress resulting from events they have experienced. We set up designated safe areas for children where trained teachers and social workers organise recreational, sports and educational activities. We provide individual care to children who have been victims of physical or sexual abuse, recruited by armed groups or exploited for labour, as well as children separated from their families and unaccompanied minors.

Working with children and families

Our teams work closely with national and regional child protection organisations to ensure we have an impact in the medium and long term. Tdh mobilizes and supports parents, schools, communities and local authorities, while involving public-sector social workers, teachers and police. Our specialists organise training and awareness-raising activities for children, families and local communities.


In emergencies and humanitarian crises, Tdh undertakes advocacy actions targeting decision-makers, pushing for changes that support children's interests. Our specialists work with governments, donors, agencies and international organisations to improve the quality and impact of child protection activities. Our media and communications campaigns raise awareness of children's rights and living conditions in Switzerland and abroad.

Before the conflict, Pavlo was good in school and loved athletics. But during the first months with his new classmates, he felt lonely and aggressive and could not play sports. Until the day his teacher invited him to the “ludoteka”.

Pavlo, child refugee in Ukraine


Standing alongside the children victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for nearly half a century

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