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Terre des hommes provides assistance to child victims of exploitation. Most of these children can be found working in the fields, mines and quarries or as domestic servants and street beggars. However, many are also the victims of sexual exploitation.

Our projects to fight exploitation

Reducing the risk of exploitation

Terre des hommes puts preventative measures in place in order to find alternatives for children who are forced to work or to delay their entry into the workforce. Our work in this area aims to minimise the risk of exploitation and includes organising awareness workshops, reinforcing the educational system, encouraging income-generating activities and providing aid to families.

Protecting exploited children

If a child’s job is dangerous, we must take every measure to end that type of work. That is why Tdh endeavours to find an alternative solution for children and their families, such as schooling or vocational training. If a child’s working conditions are not dangerous but can be improved, we try to find a better solution by involving the child, their employer and the community as much as possible. We also aim to ensure that the child has access to education and the necessary health and protection services.

Accompanying children in mobility

A lot of children end up being exploited when they leave their home in the hope of finding a better life elsewhere. They move from rural to urban areas, either in their home country or abroad. Tdh pays particular attention to children on the move. In West Africa, we are present in five countries between Abidjan and Lagos and respond to the protection needs of children along their routes. In Europe, we work towards improving the protection of migrant children and ensuring they have access to basic services along their journey and once they reach their destination.

Landry, a young man from Benin, worked in one of Nigeria's quarries before being arrested by immigration officers. He was immediately handed over to Tdh's team in Abeokuta.

Landry, a former quarry worker


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