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Tdh in Greece (Tdh Hellas) is recognised as a key child protection actor and provides child protection services to asylum seekers and refugees, as well as innovative work on access to justice and child safeguarding. We develop creative methodologies and enhance children’s voices to be heard in decisions that concern them. Furthermore, we lead strong advocacy at the national and European levels to improve the access of children to their rights.

What we do

Children and young people in migration

Since 2016, we have been providing child and family protection services to asylum seekers and refugees, including to unaccompanied children living in camps or in the urban context all over mainland Greece. Depending on the context, our approach focuses on case management, legal assistance, psychosocial support and the provision of essential aid such as clothing, food and hygiene items. Furthermore, we work on advocacy at national and EU level to promote children’s rights, improve the reception and protection of people on the move and promote issues related to their integration process, such as education.

Child protection

Tdh plays a key role in improving protection measures for children in Greece. We provide child protection and safeguarding training to professionals who work with children such as staff members of national authorities and NGOs working in open accommodation facilities for refugees, primary educators and staff working in summer camps. We aim towards expanding our activities to address also athletic associations, sports clubs and other facilities that provide services to children.

Access to justice

Tdh facilitates the access of children and young people to child-friendly justice and promotes the use of restorative justice in cases involving child victims and offenders. This approach focuses on the needs and rights of the victims, the motivations of the offenders and the role of the local community. It aims to heal, repair and prevent harm as well as to ensure that people take responsibility for their actions. Our projects improve knowledge amongst national actors who work with child-victims and offenders on child-friendly restorative justice. We train and educate professionals working with children and empower children by teaching them their rights and by supporting them to advocate for a better protection in the justice system.

"We support children with protection concerns and their families in a multidisciplinary manner, which includes education, medical, legal, accommodation, and psychosocial support services, in order to build their strengths."

Ilias Varelakis, Case Management Team Leader in Thessaloniki


Voices of refugee children in Greece

Terre des hommes in Greece

Beneficiaries 2021


12,807 people


Expatriate staff / local staff


1 / 29

Budget 2021


CHF 3,442,138




Where we work

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March 2016
Closure of the “Balkan route” and start of intervention in the informal camp of Eidomeni in Northern Greece.
May 2016
Evacuation of Eidomeni and Tdh activities at the Thessaloniki emergency reception sites.
July 2016
Regional migration project starts with border countries (Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia).
October 2016
European Commission funded project begins in Epirus dealing with the areas of Child Protection and Non-Formal Education.
January 2017
European Commission funded project launched in the region of Thessaloniki dealing with the areas of child protection and psychosocial support.
Project launched to provide accommodation and social assistance for asylum seekers and refugees in Ioannina and Thessaloniki.
Projects expand to include beneficiaries from both Greece and third countries. Intervention to support victims from wildfires at the Attica region.
Projects expand to include child protection case management services for children and their caregivers in nine refugee camps (Attica, Thessaly, Central Macedonia), child-friendly justice, interventions against human trafficking, youth empowerment and social inclusion through sports and art activities.
New projects start for facilitating the access of children to a child-centered justice (i-RESTORE, FOCUS), as well as for child safeguarding in settings of sports and recreation (Keeping Children Safe in Sports) and primary education schools (Reinforce Educators/Empower Children).
Tdh Hellas closes its projects for Child Protection in camps for refugees and safezones for unaccompanied children following the takeover of activities by IOM and the Greek state. Design of a new emergency project to support families with children on the move, following ministerial decisions that cut off vulnerable people from food provision in the camps.

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