From our regional office in Budapest, we coordinate numerous projects and partnerships to protect children across Southeast and Central Europe, with a focus on children on the move.

The situation in Hungary

Children in Southeast Europe and the Balkans are particularly vulnerable as the fragile social and political context is put under even more strain by the refugee crisis. The numbers of children on the move, as well as unaccompanied and exploited children, have increased tremendously and social welfare professionals in the region often lack the qualifications and resources to cope with these challenges.

What we do


Together with our partners, we support refugee and migrant children and families along their way by providing emergency assistance  and information. We also create safe spaces for children where they can play or get some rest. Our team advocates across the region for child-friendly migration policies and for upholding the rights of foreign children in criminal proceedings.  Our specialists train and support professionals that work with migrant children to improve their protection.

Child protection

The Child Protection Hub is a network for child protection professionals in Southeast Europe set up by Terre des hommes in partnership with other organisations. With regular conferences and workshops as well as an interactive website available in six languages, it brings together professionals and experts to share ideas and experiences, receive training and easily access a broad range of resources. Around 2,000 experts make up this growing community, which aims to impact the lives of over 500,000 children.


In partnership with Universities of Bedfordshire and CELCIS (UK), Terre des hommes is elaborating a new academic curricula for social work. We develop e-training courses on child participation, professional supervision and participation of children victims of sexual exploitation for social workers and therapists working with children and young people affected by sexual violence. The training promotes participatory practice and involves the young people in advocacy.

Juvenile justice

We developed an online game with and for children that helps raise awareness among them about their rights in civil, administrative and criminal judicial proceedings and promotes child-friendly justice practices. It will help reach out to over 5,000 children. Our team is also working on the rights of foreign children to interpretation, information and access to legal representation in criminal proceedings.

"Our advocacy strategy is based on close collaboration with a large number of national and European partners, but also and above all by giving a voice to the most vulnerable children and their families, whose interests are under-represented."

Pierre Cazenave, Tdh Regional Advisor for Child Rights


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Terre des hommes in Hungary

Beneficiaries in 2015

25,534 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

1 / 9

2016 Budget

CHF 1,800,000.-

Programme locations

Terre des hommes Hungary works with the Tdh delegations in Albania, Kosovo, Moldova and Romania, as well as with Terre des hommes Italy and with partners in Poland, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Local partners

The Centre for Youth Integration (Serbia), Novi Sad Humanitarian Center (Serbia), Brave Phone (Croatia), Open Gate - La Strada (Macedonia), Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care of Children (Bulgaria), PULSE Foundation (Bulgaria), Neglected Children’s Society (ECPAT Bulgaria), Association for Integration and Migration (Czech Republic), ARSIS Greece, Associazione 21 Luglio (Italy), Center for Children Rights Montenegro, Nobody’s Children Foundation (ECPAT Poland), The Human Rights League (Slovakia), University of Bucharest (Romania), University of Kent – Centre for Child Protection (UK), University of Belgrade (Serbia), State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga” (Moldova), University of Tirana (Albania), University of Bedfordshire (UK).

Other partners

Terre des hommes International Federation, Terre des hommes Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania and Italy, Save the Children North West Balkans (BiH), Albania and Romania, Defence for Children Netherlands and Belgium, ECPAT, UNICEF, IRC, SCEP, Eurochild, Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland – CELCIS, Victim Support (UK), Stichting Alexander (Netherlands), Hors la rue (France), National Network for Children (Bulgaria), Rights International Spain (Spain).


Where we work


Opening of Terre des hommes’ regional office in Hungary.
Launch of Child Protection Hub for South East Europe.

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