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Jordan hosts around 750,000 registered Syrian refugees, in addition to over 370,000 registered Palestinian refugees. They are living in a precarious situation, with no stable future prospects. In addition, children, who make up 40% of the total population, are threatened by early school dropout, child labour and early marriage. Tdh activities focus on helping the refugee population and the host communities through providing fair access to child protection services. We also work towards the implementation of restorative justice for children in conflict with the law and in contact with the justice system.

What we do

Child protection

Tdh helps vulnerable children and their social environment to protect themselves from the risk of abuse, exploitation, coercion and violence. Tdh works with children through psychosocial activities aiming at restoring and strengthening their resilience and their psychosocial wellbeing. The most vulnerable cases are followed up on with individualised support. They are often exposed to labour exploitation and gender-based violence. Youth empowerment and community capacity building are also at the heart of our activities that are done in collaboration with public authorities and civil society to ensure greater consideration of children's rights throughout the country.

Access to justice

Tdh promotes access to justice for children in contact with the justice system and in conflict with the law. We work with national authorities such as the Juvenile Police Department to ensure that they address girls and boys in contact with the justice system in a way that is appropriate and respects their rights. In detention centres for minors, Tdh offers psychosocial support and learning opportunities such as vocational training. Tdh engages with public servants to promote dignity in detention through capacity building and technical support of social workers in the detention facilities. Tdh also works with the authorities and civil society organisations to facilitate and encourage the use of alternative measures to detention for children.

Jordan: helping children to be children again

Terre des hommes in Jordan

Beneficiaries in 2020


13,391 people

Expatriate / local employees


2 / 30

Budget 2020


CHF 2,275,000.-




Where we work

Supported by


Start of Tdh’s intervention in the region to bring psychological and social support to Iraqi refugee children and their families from the second Gulf War.
Launch of the juvenile justice project with training courses for professionals in justice and activities organised to facilitate the reintegration of young people in pre-trial detention.
Humanitarian aid for displaced people fleeing the civil war in Syria through a network of local partner organisations with a strong presence in the region and already active in the field.
Launch of a regional project in Jordan and Lebanon to come to the aid of the children and their families who are affected by the Syrian crisis.
Launch of a comprehensive programme that addresses violence against children through an integrated approach covering both access to justice and protection needs of children affected by migration with a focus on systems strengthening.

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