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Jordan has more than 650,000 Syrian refugees. Children grow up in an environment of insecurity that endangers their physical and psychological health. Child rights, in particular in the justice system, are not yet implemented. We bring emergency assistance and create safe spaces adapted to the needs of youth in the Emirati-Jordanian refugee camp (EJC). We also assist the host communities. Tdh is the only organisation offering weekly psychosocial activities for young people in the Amman and Irbid detention centres.

What we do

Child protection

Our efforts concentrate on protecting children and their families from the consequences of violence. Recreational and educational activities are organized in the camps to help the young people escape for a few hours from their daily cares. We also offer personalized psychological and social support to families so as to combat the risks of violence, whether domestic, sexual or gender-related, such as too-early marriage or child labour. To improve the children’s wellbeing and to strengthen their resilience, Tdh has developed special games. At the end of these psychosocial activities, nearly 80% of the participants were able to cope with their emotions and said they felt much better.

Juvenile justice

In order to ensure the best interests of the child within the Jordanian judicial system, Tdh encourages the establishment of a restorative juvenile justice approach. Towards this end, our Jordanian experts work to enhance the skills of professionals in juvenile justice, and give training courses.  We also assist youngsters in conflict with the law to enable them reintegrate into society. We offer psychosocial activities and job training to youngsters in detention so as to better handle their time in prison, regain their self-confidence and learn how best to address their current stress.  We are the only international NGO who had access to all the detention centres in Jordan to conduct a survey on children deprived of their liberty.

Jordan: helping children to be children again

«We have to remind people worldwide that children are the main victims of conflicts and that they need to be considered first and foremost if we want to avoid harsh consequences on the well-being, safety and education of the generations to come.»

Céline Lefebvre, MENA Regional Head


Terre des hommes in Jordan

Beneficiaries 2016


19,942 people

Expatriate / local employees


3 / 61

Budget 2017


CHF 1,958,063.-




Where we work


Terre des hommes began its activities in the region to provide Iraqi refugee children and families with psychological and social support.
Launch of the juvenile justice project in Jordan. Tdh provides training for justice professionals and organises activities to help young people in pre-trial detention with their reintegration.
Terre des hommes began its humanitarian assistance to refugee families fleeing the civil war, in collaboration with a network of well-established local partners and organisations. 

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