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As the youngest European country, Kosovo is still in need for support in developing an integrated child protection system to effectively prevent and respond to violations of children's rights. Terre des hommes (Tdh) actively contributes to guarantee children’s rights in the child protection and justice systems and that these systems are child-friendly and adequately equipped for them.

What we do

Child Protection

We advocate for and support policy and service improvement, focusing on the implementation of the Law on Child Protection and on the provision of specialised child protection services. To achieve a fully functioning system, our team trains child protection professionals to respond to the needs of children at risk. We have developed a model of specialised services for children in street situations and established the first day care centre in Kosovo for them. Together with our partners, we empower children and their families and mobilise communities to better protect children.

Children and young people in migration

Migrant families run great risks on the way, at their destination or upon return to Kosovo. Tdh provides migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with psychological first aid as well as material support and counselling to improve their mental health and wellbeing. We encourage children to attend school and after-school activities. We promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups, including Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities. We work on strengthening the national and transnational mechanisms of cooperation in the Balkans to identify victims and potential victims of trafficking.

Access to Justice

The new Juvenile Justice Code in Kosovo requires the application of an integrated protection system with diversion measures for children in conflict with the law. In collaboration with institutions, we seal child protection with juvenile justice by developing administrative instructions deriving from the Juvenile Justice Code and the new Law on Child Protection for these children to enjoy their rights. Our team trains professionals who work with children in contact with the justice system and organises exchanges of knowledge and experience between Kosovo authorities and other European countries.

Terre des hommes, helping the children of Kosovo.

Shkurte successfully reintegrates into Kosovo thanks to setting up a tailoring business.

Shkurte Gashi, is well reintergrated in Kosovo.


Terre des hommes in Kosovo

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Terre des hommes launches its first project in Kosovo, in the Mitrovicë/Mitrovica and Svejan areas, to help children overcome the trauma of war.
Beginning of the juvenile justice project in Prishtina/Priština to support young people who have turned to delinquency as a result of the conflict and help them reintegrate in society.
In collaboration with Tdh Albania, assistance is provided to Albanian children who are forced to beg or commit offences in the streets of cities in Kosovo.
Tdh starts to build a Child Protection Safety Net to protect children against neglect, abuse, delinquency, trafficking and exploitation.
Tdh Kosovo becomes a partner of the regional initiative - Child Protection Hub for South East Europe.
Tdh begins the work on the reintegration of migrant families returning to Kosovo and on prevention of unsafe migration.
Tdh restarts its efforts to improve the juvenile justice field in Kosovo.
Tdh had the lead in the drafting of the new Law on Child Protection jointly with the Prime Minister Office, which gets approved by the Parliament.
Establishment and opening of the day care centre for children in street situations, in cooperation with Pristina Municipality.
The case management approach is integrated and applied and consistent procedures are ensured in the areas of juvenile justice, child protection, social and family services.
Tdh extends its intervention with Afghan refugees temporarily hosted in Kosovo by ensuring they receive appropriate aid and support in the camp of Bechtel village.

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