Lebanon has taken in an exceptionally large number of refugees of different nationalities absorbing the crisis escalated in neighbouring countries. Our work there focuses on protecting children from marginalised communities against the effects of violence and discrimination, while also trying to improve their living conditions.

The situation in Lebanon

Located at the heart of a geographical region besieged by humanitarian crises, Lebanon has taken in over one million Syrian and Palestinian refugees and that number is steadily increasing. These refugees are often living in precarious conditions and a high number of children are subject to violence and discrimination. On top of that, they do not have access to health or educational services.

What we do

Basic necessities

Many families with children continue to seek refuge in Lebanon having fled the violence in Syria. Our teams provide them with basic necessities and pay particular attention to child victims of violence, offering them and their families psychological care and case management services. We identify their individual basic needs and deliver winter clothes, blankets, hygiene kits and safety tools for working children. In 2015, more than 11'500 child refugees from Syria and their families were supported.

Psychosocial support and access to education

The majority of child refugees from Syria and Palestine, but also children from the Dom communities of Lebanon, live in extremely precarious conditions and are the victims of discrimination. Tdh helps them overcome their everyday difficulties by organising psychosocial activities in partnership with local organisations and the Lebanese Social Development Centres. We aim to improve the conditions of working children and help them and their families understand the importance of going to school while referring them to the education sector. Our team also raises awareness among employers and municipalities of the importance to guarantee children’s rights.

Capacity building

In order to ensure that children from marginalised communities grow up in a safer environment, Tdh raises awareness among the community about issues such as child protection, gender-based violence and discrimination. In Palestinian refugee camps and in the local refugee urban communities, we encourage young people to become involved in projects related to child protection. We also train and support volunteers and members of local associations on how to protect children.

Protecting children in Lebanon

How Lely survived early marriage and war

Lely, early married girl that had to flee Syria


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Terre des hommes in Lebanon

Beneficiaries in 2015

38'347 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

3 / 117

Budget 2016

CHF 2'200’367.-

Programme locations

Districts of Tyre and Saïda, South Lebanon

Local partners

Insan Association, Ministry of Social Affairs, other local CBO’s


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First Terre des hommes projects in Lebanon.
Initiation of the project for Palestinian refugees.
Start of the project to face the Syrian crisis.

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