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Since 2019, people in Lebanon have faced a multitude of crises. The political instability coupled with the deterioration of the economic situation and the collapse of the local currency plunged 80% of the population into poverty, all of this aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Beirut port explosion. Consequently, school dropouts, child labour and child marriage increased drastically. Tdh works to provide affected children with appropriate services and promotes a child-friendly justice system.

What we do

Children and young people in migration

Tdh supports Syrian and Palestinian refugees and Lebanese children and youth, as well as their families through the access to protection services, such as women and girl’s safe spaces, psychosocial support and recreational activities, but also individual follow-up to prevent and respond to child protection risks and to increase their wellbeing, resilience and empowerment. Community-based services strengthen the social networks in the communities and contribute to a safer protection environment for children affected by migration.

Access to Justice

Tdh fosters a child-friendly justice in formal and informal systems with a focus on children in contact with the justice system. Representatives from both the formal and informal Lebanese justice systems are trained in child protection, children’s rights and child justice. Tdh is one of the only organisations to document the mechanisms of customary justice in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon and to strengthen the abilities of religious judges – as part of the formal justice system – to promote the establishment of restorative justice in family law that respects children’s rights.

Protecting children in Lebanon

«I try to change mentalities through prevention ».

Fatima Ardat, Child Protection Officer, Lebanon


Terre des hommes in Lebanon

Beneficiaries 2021


14,715 people

Expatriate staff / National staff


3 / 94

Budget 2021


CHF 3,195,642.-




Where we work

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First Terre des hommes project in Lebanon in the context of the civil war.
Initiation of the project for Palestinian refugees.
Start of the project to face the Syrian crisis.
Research to strengthen the structure of child-oriented restorative justice and start of the access to justice programme.
Terre des hommes builds a holistic response for children and their families affected by the Beirut blast through an emergency intervention.
The research “Understanding Child Marriage amongst Syrian Refugee Communities in Jordan and Lebanon” (2016-2020) conducted by Dr. Aisha Hutchinson (University of Bedfordshire, UK), is published.
Start of the project “We Adolescent Girls, We Can” – a project tailored to the needs of girls and young women affected by child marriage.

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