Morocco is a growing nation, but many children living in poverty have only limited access to healthcare. Children with complex heart disease cannot yet be treated in the region. However, the number of children cured and the quality of care are constantly increasing. Our goal is to transfer specialised care competencies for children to be treated locally.

Our projects in Morocco

Medical transfers

Due to the lack of money, infrastructure and too few qualified doctors to meet the demand, the children suffering from cardiac malformation cannot be treated in Morocco and in many of its neighbouring countries. We make it possible to cure these severely ill children by transferring them to Europe and to Switzerland so they can be operated on there. Tdh is the leader for medical evacuation in Europe and organizes 40% of these transfers.

Surgical missions

In partnership with cardiologist specialists from the Inselspital in Bern, we organize two surgical missions every year to the Children’s Hospital in Rabat. The purpose of these missions is to give consultations, treat and operate on the sick children in their home country, whilst strengthening the skills of the local healthcare personnel by teaching them new techniques. We also improve local infrastructures. These steps improve the care for children on the sport and enable an increase in the number of cases treated locally each year. We signed an agreement between the Children’s Hospital in Rabat and the Inselspital (University Hospital of Bern), for transfers, missions and training of the personnel.

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Terre des hommes in Morocco

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Start of care for children with serious cardiac diseases in the framework of our programme for specialised care.

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