Mother and child health in emergencies

In the event of a humanitarian crisis, our experts support local health structures and act as quickly as possible to provide care to those affected, in particular children under the age of five, their mothers and pregnant women.

Mother and child health: Terre des hommes’ emergency projects to help children in humanitarian crises

Medical staff and equipment

In order to provide assistance as quickly as possible, in particular to children and their mothers, we send specialised health experts to the area affected, in addition to medical equipment, supplies and medication.

Supporting local hospitals

Many health centres are either destroyed or overcrowded in the wake of a humanitarian crisis. This is why, throughout the month that follows, we support and assist local hospitals that specialise in treating women during pregnancy and childbirth, newborns and children suffering from respiratory problems, diarrhoea, malnutrition and malaria, all of which are common in such circumstances. In some cases, we set up mobile clinics to reach families that cannot travel.

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