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Our main goal in Nicaragua is developing measures which are more effective than incarceration for young people in conflict with the law. Our excellent relationship with the authorities means we can act on the national level and stop young people from getting involved in organised crime.

The situation in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Violence is widespread. For children and young people, delinquency is part of everyday life. Many adolescents do not go to school and are easy prey for organised criminal groups: 3,500 young people are members of 54 gangs throughout the country.

What we do

Juvenile justice

We implement educational initiatives for young people to replace incarceration. This respects their rights and makes re-offending less likely. After offenders take responsibility for their actions, they are given the opportunity to receive training and get psychological and social support. In this way, they play a role in their own rehabilitation. Tdh also helps prevent young people from getting involved in gangs and organised crime by providing discussion areas and by encouraging community dialogue. Additionally, in 2015 1642 public servants were trained in juvenile justice.

Paolo has the face of a child but his arms are covered in scars. He was sentenced to five years in prison for aggravated violence when he was still a minor. He takes part in a welding workshop organised by Terre des hommes.

Paolo, a young inmate in Tipitapa prison


Terre des hommes in Nicaragua

Beneficiaries in 2015

8'894 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

1 / 9

2016 Budget

CHF 521,443.-

Programme locations

the departments of Managua, León, Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur (Bluefields), Río San Juan

Local partners

the supreme court of justice, courts for minors, the juvenile justice administrative system


Where we work

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Tdh begins operations in Nicaragua.

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