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Since 2009, there has been conflict between Nigerian government forces and non-state armed groups in the north-east of the country. Families are affected by widespread insecurity, military operations, deteriorating infrastructure, weakened local economies, loss of livelihoods and human rights violations. In Borno State, where Terre des hommes (Tdh) is present, the more than one million displaced people live in host communities or camps. Tdh provides emergency protection and education services to displaced children and children from host communities and improves their access to clean water and sanitation.

What we do


To strengthen the protection of the most vulnerable, Tdh addresses the risks and consequences of violence and abuse. We provide psychosocial support in dedicated spaces for children and young people. Tdh trains humanitarian and government actors, as well as community focal points on child protection. The focal points identify the children most at risk for follow-up and raise awareness in the community. Tdh improves access to education for out-of-school children through a nine-month non-formal programme. Afterwards, Tdh facilitates the transition and inclusion of the children into formal schools in cooperation with local educational institutions.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

In order to reduce waterborne diseases such as cholera, Tdh is facilitating access to drinking water in displaced people’s camps and host communities in Borno State. Our teams are building and rehabilitating latrines and equipping educational structures with mobile washbasins which use a limited quantity of water thanks to a self-regenerating system (Gravit'eau). We raise awareness, through community volunteers, of good hygiene practices and distribute kits containing soap, buckets and water storage material. Tdh also collects remote data on water quality in hard-to-reach areas such as the town of Rann via sensors placed on water points transmitting the data by radio.

Terre des hommes in Nigeria

Beneficiaries 2021


169,840 people

Expatriate staff/ National staff


7 / 93

Budget 2021


CHF 2,680,503




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Beginning of activities regarding the migration from Benin to Nigeria and the protection of children.
Start of emergency intervention in the Borno State of Nigeria to face people’s needs, displaced by the Boko Haram conflict.
Start of the COVID-19 pandemic and adaptation of the activities to maintain the Tdh response and counter the spread of the virus.
Refocusing of the protection and education interventions to host communities in Maiduguri after the closure of the majority of the displaced people’s camps in January 2022.

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