The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.


The Boko Haram conflict, which began in 2009 when the jihadist group started an armed rebellion against the government, has resulted in a severe food security emergency especially in North East Nigeria. The insurgency and political violence in Borno state causes population displacement: children and families get refuge in camps where basic needs are not covered. We care for children with severe malnutrition in the Tdh ambulant nutrition centre. In the displaced people’s camps, we provide the necessary access to drinking water and hygiene.

What we do


The internally displaced persons camps lack safe water and hygiene. To reduce water-borne diseases like cholera, the Tdh WASH project aims to provide safe water to displaced families in the camps of Mafa in Borno state. Tdh builds and rehabilitates latrines and hand washing stations. We also raise awareness about hygiene and distribute kits of soap, buckets and water storage material.

Mother and child health

Tdh improves the access to health care for pregnant and lactating women. Our midwives implement education within the camp to prevent home deliveries without skilled birth attendants and to reduce the risk of illnesses. Babies and mothers are visited and referred to health centres when needed. A health committee for adolescent girls organises health promotion sessions about mother and child, as well as sexual and reproductive health. They sensitize the population about young child feeding. We also treat severe malnutrition in children in our ambulant nutrition centre in Maiduguri, Borno state.

Migrating children

Thanks to a network spanning five countries, our social workers are able to protect children against exploitation when they leave their hometown or village. As soon as they start their journey, children know exactly where they can find help. They will get food, receive shelter, useful information, care and protection. If they have been subject to violence, they will be given immediate support.

Terre des hommes in Nigeria

Beneficiaries 2018


200,694 people

Expatriate / local employees


10 / 112

Budget 2019


CHF 3,800,000.-




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Beginning of activities regarding the migration from Benin to Nigeria and the protection of children.
Start of emergency intervention in the Borno State of Nigeria to face people’s needs, displaced by the Boko Haram conflict.

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