Central America is one of the most violent regions in the world. Young people are often involved in delinquency, as gang recruits or as victims of organised crime. Legal systems are based on punishment and hence worsen the spiral of violence. Thousands of young people emigrate irregularly to the USA, where they risk being exploited. We are currently developing a regional project for juvenile justice and the prevention of violence. In parallel, our experts are implementing an online juvenile justice course for legal professionals.

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We have developed a programme for Central America and the Caribbean that prevents juvenile violence, strengthens the legal system and supports young people in conflict with the law to prevent recurrence of delinquency. We work together with the authorities in five countries (Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Salvador). In collaboration with the International Institute for the Rights of the Child and the University of Geneva, we have launched an online course for professionals. We carried out a study on migrant children in conflict with the law, who are invisible to the community but in need of protection.

"Central America is one of the most violent regions in the world. Young people are forced into gangs of delinquents and organised crime. Often, the only answer is taking away offenders' freedom. But prison is a school for criminals."

John Orlando, head of Tdh's Panama delegation


Terre des hommes in Panama

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767 people

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CHF 1,008,026.-




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Tdh opens a regional delegation in Central America and the Caribbean in Panama. A new programme on juvenile justice and preventing violence is launched.

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