Poverty, unemployment and social exclusion in many parts of Romania are detrimental to children’s development. Children are left behind by parents who migrate in search of jobs, which exposes them to risks of school dropout, abuse, trafficking and exploitation. Our projects improve opportunities for underprivileged children and their families through better education and access to social, psychological and health services. We also support community development initiatives.

What we do

Access to education, health care and employment opportunities

We support community development projects that make schools more accessible and appealing to children from underprivileged or minority communities such as the Roma by providing help with schoolwork and organising after-school activities. With community health centres that offer free medical advice and basic healthcare, access to quality health services is improved. These projects not only benefit the children but also strengthen community participation and enrich intercommunity dialogue. Additionally, we improve the entrepreneurial skills of disadvantaged communities to boost the local business environment.

Training and capacity-building

Terre des hommes raises awareness, trains and coaches social workers, community groups, sociocultural animators and school staff on specific issues relating to children’s rights and the inclusion of minorities. This for instance led to the creation of intercultural and bilingual classes for children who do not speak Romanian. We also help parents from underprivileged communities understand the importance of education as well as their role and responsibilities as parents.


Terre des hommes is an important partner for child protection state authorities. We work together on the development of measures to prevent children being separated from their families and on the social inclusion of migrant and minority children. To promote children’s right to participate and express their opinions regarding issues that concern them, we have been organising a yearly national-level ‘Takeover day’ since 2012 together with our local partners.


"I would like to become a pilot, but I know that you need to get good grades and study a lot," says Marius, delighted by his visit to the Bucharest airport control tower during 'Takeover day'.

Marius, Tdh beneficiary in Romania


Terre des hommes in Romania

Beneficiaries 2017


16,271 people

Expatriate / local employees


1 / 18

Budget 2018


CHF 2,567,052.-




Where we work

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Start of Terre des hommes' work in Romania in favour of the most vulnerable children. Implementation of a social and financial support project for mothers in difficulty to prevent child abandonment.
Launch of a programme to protect and reintegrate children in conflict with the law by providing legal and social aid and organising training for child welfare professionals.
Beginning of a partnership to promote the respect of the rights of children with HIV.
Introduction of legislative changes allowing Tdh to provide child protection training to key players belonging to national institutions. That year, Romania also became part of our project to fight child trafficking in Eastern Europe.
Launching of TakeOver Day in Romania, which takes place yearly in November. Until 2017, more than 12.000 children participated in the event, taking over more than 100 different jobs.
Start of a project working on Roma inclusion which improves access to education, health care and housing.
Tdh started its activity and opened an office in Bacau County, one of the poorest regions in Europe.

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