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Over 40% of Romania’s population is exposed to poverty and social exclusion, while violence at home, discrimination, inequitable access to education are experienced by many children. To prevent violations of children’s rights and better assist child victims, Terre des hommes (Tdh) strengthens the child protection and justice systems. We also offer community integrated services and psychosocial support and encourage child and youth participation as well as social inclusion. The war in Ukraine has forced more than 14 million people to leave their homes, either within their country or abroad and we support them with child-friendly spaces and mother baby corners.


What we do

Child Protection

Tdh acts to protect children against abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We mobilise communities to prevent risk situations and train multi-disciplinary professionals such as social workers and teachers to better protect children. Building the resilience of children and youth and ensuring their participation in decision-making are key elements of our work. To improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Romania, we invest in their education, health, social services and infrastructure.


In Romania, children are affected by migration in various ways: some migrate with their parents, some are left behind by them; others children return home or come to Romania from war-torn countries; and some are without parental care and in need of protection in EU countries. Together with our partners, we ensure the enrolment of Roma migrant children in the education system of the countries where they move to. To facilitate the integration of refugee children in Romania, we engage them in educational, social, mentoring and sports activities, and connect them to local youth.

Access to Justice

Tdh pleads for an efficient juvenile justice system that makes use of psychosocial intervention, mentoring, reintegration, rehabilitation, restorative justice, legal assistance and support for children and young people deprived of liberty or under supervision. We develop specific methodologies and tools for professionals who work with children in conflict with the law. The goal is to implement child-friendly practices and to provide support with an emphasis on improved mental health and resilience.

Humanitarian aid

Due to the Ukrainian crisis, we launched an emergency response in Moldova, Hungary and Romania. In reception centres and train stations, our mobile teams improve the wellbeing and protection of women and children: they provide them with hygiene, cash or food needs, information and psychosocial support and refer them to specialised services if needed. We set up several child friendly spaces where children are listened to and can play as well as baby and mother corners for mothers to take a break and get materials for their babies.

"I would like to become a pilot, but I know that you need to get good grades and study a lot," says Marius, delighted by his visit to the Bucharest airport control tower during 'Takeover day'.

Marius, Tdh beneficiary in Romania


Terre des hommes in Romania

Beneficiaries 2020


13,493 people

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Budget 2020


CHF 1,540,718.-




Where we work

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Start of Terre des hommes' work in Romania to protect the most vulnerable children. We offer social and financial support for mothers in difficulty to prevent child abandonment.
Launch of a programme to protect and reintegrate children in conflict with the law by providing legal and social aid, and training for child welfare professionals.
Beginning of a partnership to promote the respect of the rights of children with HIV.
Legislative changes in Romania allowing Tdh to provide child protection training to key players belonging to national institutions. Romania also becomes part of our regional project to fight child trafficking in Eastern Europe.
Launching of TakeOver Day in Romania, which takes place yearly in November. Until 2018, more than 20,000 children participated in the event, taking over more than 100 different jobs.
Start of a six-year project working on Roma inclusion by improving access to education, health care, housing, and employment.
Tdh opened an office in Bacau County, one of the poorest regions in Europe, and started to improve the education, health, and social services and infrastructure there.
Tdh implemented 13 projects in Romania. We are the first NGO in Romania to start working with sports federations and clubs on improving child safeguarding in sports.
Tdh launched a FabLab in the town of Tg Ocna for young people in the local high school and in the educational centre.

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