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This action is organised in collaboration with Coop and Frupale SL, an orange producer since three generations in the region of Valencia (Spain). This company is certified, guaranteeing an environmentally friendly and a health- and security-responsible approach for the employees.

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South Sudan

As a result of the civil war in South Sudan, two million people have been internally displaced within the country. The population lacks food, water and medical care. Our teams supply families with basic necessities and teach them how to increase the local production of food. Children benefit from a food project school and are offered safe areas where they can play, learn and get psychosocial help.   

What we do

Child protection

Our local experts organise psychosocial support in protected areas for children and their families living in resettlement camps in Juba, as well as in our other intervention areas in South Sudan. Our local experts organise psychosocial activities to give children and families affected by the conflict some support.

Water, sanitation, hygiene

We improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene promotion services to the students of Yei schools affected by the conflict. The Blue Schools are equipped with hand washing stations and toilets and school children adopt hand washing routines to prevent the spread of diseases. Once the basic water and sanitation requirements are fulfilled, the pathway integrates learning experiences on small-scale sustainable gardening, good land and water management practices, collection and separation of waste and  about the topic of gender. Blue Schools support education authorities and teachers to include environmental education and safe water and sanitation in schools.

Opposing Harm

« Food stocks often last less than a week. »

Anais Guérin, Tdh food security specialist


Terre des hommes in South Sudan

Beneficiaries 2017


42,131 people


Expatriate / local employees


11 / 40


Budget 2018


CHF 4,913,000.-




Where we work

Supported by


Start of Terre des hommes’ mission in South Sudan.
Launch of a project to disarm, demobilise and reintegrate child soldiers affiliated with armed forces/groups.
Start of a major water and sanitation programme.
Emergency intervention to address the needs of the people and the families affected by the famine.

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