Terre des hommes advocates for children and their rights. Our volunteers and employees organise campaigns to raise awareness of our work among the public and to collect donations. Many children are also transferred to Switzerland to be operated on as part of our medical missions. In addition, critically ill children from West African countries are being transferred to Switzerland for surgery.

Our projects in Switzerland


Terre des hommes advocates for the rights of all children living in Switzerland. Irrespective of their status or their papers, every child has the right to their own bed, warm clothing in winter, decent healthcare and to attend school. In 2017, we focused our efforts on promoting the rights and protection of migrant children in areas where administrative detention persists, despite the fact that it could be avoided..

Specialised care

Tdh arranges for disadvantaged children to be transferred to Switzerland when they cannot be operated on in their own country. These children are often suffering from heart disease and are treated and operated on in one of our partner hospitals. Before and after their operation, these children are cared for at La Maison, a children’s care establishment in Massongex, before finally returning home. Each year, over 180 children are supervised, comforted and looked after by the professional teachers and medical staff. In 2017, 135 children underwent surgery in their country and 1,100 were given a specialist consultation. This makes it possible to reduce costs, develop centres of expertise locally, and prevent sick children having to travel far from their families.

Volunteer work

In Switzerland, Terre des hommes can count on the support of over 2,000 volunteers. Divided into 18 groups across several regions, they organise various events such as orange sales and sponsored walks to raise awareness of children’s rights amd Tdh's work among the public. These events are a much-needed means of collecting donations for our programmes and projects on the ground. Tdh has been extremely fortunate to have a wide base of volunteers from day one. They are one of the pillars of our foundation and allow us to differentiate ourselves from other organisations.

With nearly 40 years of experience working in the field, Carlos Royo carried out many missions to bring aid to the poorest, from his beginnings in a hospital in the bush until his position as doctor in charge of the specialised care department.

Carlos Royo, doctor in charge of Tdh’s specialised care programme



Creation of Terre des hommes by Edmond Kaiser.
First orange sale organised by Terre des hommes volunteers.
The charter setting out the primary objectives and ethical principles of the foundation is drafted by Edmond Kaiser and adopted.
'La Maison' children’s home opens in Massongex, in the canton of Valais.
A petition signed by 128,000 people is filed requesting the acknowledgement of the existence of organised crime against children in the Swiss Penal Code.

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