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Syria and Jordan

We provide emergency relief to children and their families who were forced to flee their homes because of the conflict. We create a safer, child-friendly environment in the refugee camps.

The situation in Syria and Jordan

Six years of conflict in Syria have forced 12 million people to flee. They represent the largest population of refugees in the world. Half of them are children, who have effectively been robbed of their childhood. Growing up in an environment marked by violence and uncertainty, their physical and psychological health are at risk.

What we do

Basic necessities

Every minute, one family in Syria is displaced. The vast majority of refugees in Jordan are children and women. Many had to abandon their homes in a rush and arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. We help them cope with this precarious situation by providing basic items such as toiletry kits for babies or essential school supplies.

Child protection

Our efforts focus on protecting children and their families against the effects of violence. Recreational and educational activities are organised in the camps to help children take their mind off the hardships of their daily life. We also provide individual psychosocial support to families to prevent problems such as sexual and gender-based violence, domestic violence, early marriage and child labour. Over 20,000 children and parents benefited from these services in 2015.

Juvenile justice

To ensure that the best interests of the child are taken into account by the Jordanian legal system, Tdh is promoting the implementation of the restorative approach to juvenile justice. To this end, our Jordanian experts are working together with professionals of the juvenile justice system, providing training and capacity-building. We also support young people in conflict with the law in their social reintegration. 476 children in conflict with the law benefited from psychosocial activities and professional training programmes in 2015.

Jordan: helping children to be children again

«We have to remind people worldwide that children are the main victims of conflicts and that they need to be considered first and foremost if we want to avoid harsh consequences on the well-being, safety and education of the generations to come.»

Céline Lefebvre, MENA Regional Head


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Terre des hommes in Syria and Jordan

Beneficiaries in 2015

22,807 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

3 / 91

2016 budget:

CHF 1'444’071.-

Where we work

Jordan : Amman, Emirati-Jordanian Camp (EJC), Ramtha, Mafraq, Irbid, Jerash and Ajloun ; Syria : Jaramana

Local partners

Jordan : Ministries of Justice, of Public Security and of Social Development, local NGOs.


Where we work


Terre des hommes began its activities in the region to provide Iraqi refugee children and families with psychological and social support.
Launch of the juvenile justice project in Jordan. Tdh provides training for justice professionals and organises activities to help young people in pre-trial detention with their reintegration.
Terre des hommes began its humanitarian assistance to refugee families fleeing the civil war, in collaboration with a network of well-established local partners and organisations. 

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