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Given the lack of opportunities many young people migrate towards cities or neighbouring countries. A large number of children fall victim to all sorts of abuse and exploitation at the starting point, transit areas and destination. Many do not have access to quality healthcare. Our priority is to protect these children. Projects designed to reinforce institutional and community-based child protection systems enable us to help them find a protective environment.

What we do

Migrating children

The CORAL project (Corridor Abidjan–Lagos) targets children and young people on the move at their starting point, during their journey, in the transit areas and at their destination. The main activities involve setting up so-called ‘hope points’ which are used as reception areas or meeting points for children on the move where identification checks are carried out, the children are listened to and given assistance and guidance. As part of the CORAL project, five such hope points are equipped and operational and animated by young people and children. The staff receives training on mobility and protection and assistance for children. Advocacy activities also serve to strengthen the political and legal framework for protecting children on the move on a local, national and regional level.

Specialised care

As part of our specialised care programme, we arrange for medical teams from hospitals in Switzerland to travel to Togo in order to provide consultations and operate on impoverished children. Tdh also organises for children suffering from heart disease, among other conditions, to be transferred to Europe if they cannot be operated on in their home country. Once they have recovered they can return home. One of our local partners then follows their progress to ensure that they remain in good health and supports them in their reintegration into school. Moreover, the specialised care programme also aims to reinforce the skills of healthcare workers by providing training and equipment and organising exchange visits.

Afi, who has worked from a very young age to support her family, only narrowly escaped a forced marriage. With Tdh’s support, she has successfully completed a dressmaker’s apprenticeship and is now training her own apprentice.

Afi, a qualified dressmaker in Lomé


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Terre des hommes in Togo

Beneficiaries in 2016

91,641 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

1 / 13

2017 Budget

CHF 333,000.-

Programme locations

Lomé, Accra (Ghana), Maritime Region and Plateaux Region

Local partners

Ministries for Social Action, for the promotion of the woman and alphabetization, Unicef Togo, Plan International Togo, International Organization for Migration, Bornefonden, SOS Children Village, Wao Africa, ETC, CCAEM( Coordination committee of the actions for children on the move), RELUTET (Network for the fight against the trafficking of children in Togo), RAO-Togo


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Start of Terre des hommes’ activities in Togo with the launch of medical transfers for children requiring specialised surgery.
Inauguration of a drop-in centre for missing children and victims of abuse.
Launch of the protection project for unaccompanied minors on the move in West Africa.
Implementation of a project to protect children on the move along the corridor Abidjan-Lagos.