Water, sanitation and hygiene in emergencies

Our emergency aid experts ensure that children and their families have access to drinking water and proper hygiene conditions. This involves distributing water, restoring and rebuilding water and sanitation facilities, and raising awareness of good hygiene practices among the community.

What we do

Facilitating access to water

Terre des hommes (Tdh) immediately responds to emergency situations by facilitating access to water for drinking, preparing food, personal hygiene, washing and cleaning. We focus on rural areas, small towns, suburbs, slums and camps for displaced persons. Tdh distributes water and chlorine so that communities can decontaminate and disinfect water sources themselves. Our water and hygiene experts also repair water points, boreholes and wells..

Improving sanitation

In situations requiring emergency aid, toilets are often destroyed or unusable. To improve hygiene conditions for children and their parents, our experts build individual or collective toilets, particularly in schools. To avoid the spread of disease, they also introduce medical waste management in hospitals and health centres.

Capacity building

In order to enhance the local people's knowledge and improve hygiene practices such as proper hand washing, we organise awareness-raising campaigns and discussions with members of communities affected by conflict, natural disasters or an epidemic. Our teams also distribute hygiene kits containing items such as soap and oral rehydration solutions.

Humanitarian crisis at Terre des hommes

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