Thank you for supporting the children who need it the most and helping us to change their future.

Thanks to your donation, our experts can immediately help children who need it the most.

As a patron, you are helping us fight for children's rights to be respected.

Make a real difference by helping us change the future of the world's most vulnerable children.

Put your skills to use and grant some of your free time to helping children.

Help raise funds for exploited children by singing, playing an instrument or dancing.

Support various street campaigns on 20 November for International Children's Rights Day

Walks, cross-country skiing, orienteering; our volunteers organise sponsored sports activities throughout the year.

Join this big solidarity movement and buy one or more orange boxes.

Become a partner of Tdh and help us support over 2 million children and their families each year.

How can we help you?

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Our partners

Terre des hommes (Tdh) can count on valuable partners who enable us to carry out our child relief projects, starting with the SDC, which supports us with a programme contribution. We are also supported by numerous institutional partners such as state services and agencies in charge of international cooperation, international organisations, but also Swiss cantons and cities. We participate in several initiatives and networks and are a member of the International Federation of Terre des Hommes. For interested foundations, companies, associations and organisations, we have developed numerous possibilities for collaboration.

Cooperation Agencies

International Organisations

Contact International Organisations

«With my team, we are working to demonstrate to our institutional partners that Tdh provides real solutions to the problems of children, their families and their communities.»
Ariane Zwahlen, Head of Institutional Partnerships

T +41 58 611 06 73

Avenue de Montchoisi 15, 1006 Lausanne



The commitment of the cantons and cities

Cantons and cities can also make a commitment to the future of children by supporting our programmes that give children in need a chance for a better future. Learn more about our projects in the field of child protection and health.

Partner Cantons and Cities

A foundation's commitment to children

Terre des hommes collaborates with various foundations that support our work or individual projects. We would be pleased to count your foundation among our future strategic partners.

Partner foundations

Contact Foundations, Cantons and Cities

«My motivation to work in humanitarian aid is to see others live their lives in dignity. Making a philanthropic donation is like sowing a seed in someone else’s life. I am convinced the plant will grow and bear fruit.»


Laurent Zbinden, Foundation, Canton and City Partnerships

T +41 58 611 06 81

Avenue de Montchoisi 15, 1006 Lausanne

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The commitment of companies to children

Terre des hommes has developed friendship circle of Terre des hommes, a sponsorship network reserved for private companies wishing to asume their social responsibility in the interest of future generations.

Encourage your company to join the friendship circle of Terre des hommes. Through your financial support, in skills or in kind, you can support the programme of your choice and thus improve the lives of the poorest children in a sustainable way.

Partner companies

Contact Corporate partnerships

«Terre des hommes has a worldwide corporate network. Developing new business for our partners, in alignment with our values and objectives, means expanding our reach of support and empowerment of children. Partnering with us unlocks global commercial opportunities, adds reputable brand value, and unleashes new marketing activations. Positive business actions generate impactful development which transforms children’s dreams into realities. I want to be part of this transformation, wouldn’t you ?»
Mario Medeiros, Head of Global Business Development

T +41 586 11 07 15

Avenue de Montchoisi 15, 1006 Lausanne


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Partner associations, public bodies and thematic networks

Terre des Hommes Organisations