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29.05.2018 - Press releases

Aid provided to record numbers of children in humanitarian crises in 2017

In 2017, the leading Swiss organisation for children's aid provided emergency relief to one million children and their families caught up in humanitarian crises – an increase of 70% compared to the previous year. The latest Terre des hommes annual report reflects these record figures.

Last year, one in six children were unable to attend school, had their home or neighbourhood destroyed, were wounded, experienced or witnessed atrocities. One in six children also lost one or more loved ones. Terre des hommes (Tdh) deployed emergency teams to help in the contexts of forced displacement of civilians in Iraq, the mass exodus of the Rohingya people from Myanmar to Bangladesh, extremism in Nigeria and the famine in South Sudan. In 2017, the organisation provided aid to 1 million children and their relatives in humanitarian crises, 400'000 more people than in the previous year. This was a record for the Swiss organisation for children’s aid.

In 2017, Tdh's turnover passed the CHF 100 million mark for the first time with a figure of CHF 105.3 million – a 27% increase on the previous year. “The significant growth in our turnover is linked to an increase in the number of disasters and in the needs of vulnerable people who are affected. It also reflects our wish to continue our work in these fragile environments and invest in capacity building to enable local actors to become more self-reliant,” says Vito Angelillo, Director of Terre des hommes. In 2017, advocacy and training was conducted among 160,000 teachers, social workers and juvenile judges, twice the figure for 2016. This work allows us to reach more children and enhance the long-term sustainability of resources being deployed.

Last year, Tdh supported a total of 3.1 million children and their relatives in 48 countries, including development projects. “We want to change the living conditions of these children and their families in a positive and sustainable way. Whether in humanitarian crises or in long-term development contexts, children are the first victims of violence and poverty. Despite increasingly difficult working conditions, we will continue to focus on our strategic priorities of maternal and child health in the first years of life and on child protection. These areas remain the focus of our work,” explains Vito Angelillo.

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