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28.09.2016 - Press releases

New Terre des hommes campaign: Every child has the right to a childhood.

„When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut,“ is something every child will say one way or another when dreaming about the future. And simple things like kitchen utensils or cardboard boxes can make that dream come true, at least for a short moment. It is important for every child to be able to let their imagination flow freely. It lets them forget their worries and escape into a world of fantasy, no matter if they are growing up in Switzerland or in a refugee camp. 

The right to a childhood is at the centre of  the new advertising campaign of the leading Swiss child rights organization, Terre des hommes (Tdh). It can be currently seen on Swiss TV and billboards, with the focus on every child’s need to play and be happy, while  the suffering and problems many children face every day are relegated to the background.

„Children just want to grow up sheltered and safe, and be able to develop. It’s not only a natural desire, it’s an internationally acknowledged right,” explains Jessica Schweizer, Director for Communication and Fundraising at Tdh and above all mother. That’s why the campaign’s slogan reads: Every child in the world has the right to a childhood. It’s that simple.

The campaign was developed by creative agency Numero 10 from Bern: “We are convinced that children have an extraordinary gift that needs protection: their imagination. So we decided to focus on that and the carefree moments in a child’s life. It seems the best way to emphasize that, no matter in which situation, children have the right to a childhood. It’s that simple.”