28.04.2017 - Press releases

„Time to Talk“ – Working children speak publicly about child work

Working children from projects of the international children's rights organisations Kindernothilfe, terre des hommes and many other partners call for attention for their situation between the International Day of Labour, 1 May and the World Day against Child Labour, 12 June. Under the slogan "It's time to talk about ...", children and youth worldwide will be discussing the challenges, risks and necessities of child work in workshops, theatre performances and child marches in the coming weeks.

Under the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have the right to be heard on all matters affecting them. "The problem is," says Anne Jacob, project manager for "Time to Talk" at Kindernothilfe, "that much is talked about working children, but no one makes the effort to speak with those concerned." The "Time to Talk" campaign gives working children a platform that encourages them to express their views on motivation, causes and possible solutions for child work. Antje Ruhmann, children's rights expert at terre des hommes, added: "Starting with the Day of Work on 1 May, our international partners are launching public actions and therewith give a voice to working children and youth around the world. They can express themselves, why they work and what has to be done to improve their situation – may this be a stop of work or fair and safe working conditions. "

The base of the campaign is a survey of 2,000 working children in 37 countries. The organisations involved in the campaign want to present the main results of this survey at the negotiations at the 4th International Conference on Child Labour in Argentina. From the predecessors' conferences working children and their views were excluded. With "Time to Talk" the initiators of the campaign want to express the need to finally involve children and youth in political discussions and decision-making processes.

The "It's time to talk" campaign brings together numerous international organizations, stakeholders and individuals who share the goal of giving voice to working children and youth. Their number is 168 million worldwide. 85 million girls and boys work under dangerous and exploitative conditions. A survey of the affected children and youth through an international network of scientists, scientists and partner organizations is to find out which concerns and worries have working children and what needs to be done to improve their life situation.

For more information: www.time-to-talk.info

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