Regional Child Protection Hub for Southeast Europe

The Child Protection Hub is a network for child protection professionals in Southeast Europe. This regional hub promotes the sharing of knowledge and good practices, and offers specific professional trainings. It also allows to inform policy-makers and influence decisions in regards to child protection area.

An expert community on child protection


To strengthen cooperation and innovation in the fight against child abuse, trafficking and exploitation in Southeast Europe, Terre des hommes and its partners have set up the Child Protection Hub, an interactive regional network for professionals. This growing community of over 2,346 active members is organised along three lines: knowledge management, capacity-building and advocacy.


Sharing knowledge

The Child Protection Hub offers child protection professionals the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops, get in touch, exchange experiences, ask for advice on specific issues, receive training and access a wide range of resources thanks to an online portal. This regional hub is available in six languages and is open to social workers, law enforcement officers, healthcare and justice professionals, teachers, as well as students and policymakers. There, they will be able to access some 16,400 documents and publications, ask for qualified advice or follow webinars.


Capacity building

Using the power of the Child Protection Hub, we are conducting a regional baseline study on social welfare practices to improve the effectiveness of child protection services in Southeast Europe. In partnership with UNICEF, the Child Protection Hub also serves to support and develop the capacities of frontline workers assisting and defending the rights of children refugees and migrants in Southeast Europe.


By 2017, the Child Protection Hub aims to have a positive impact on the lives of over 500,000 children and their families.


“The Child Protection Hub is a place where you can read the latest news, get answers to your questions from peer professionals based in the entire region, find an urgently needed document. It is an ocean of resources to discover and use!"

Valbona Carcani-Mane, Terre des hommes Albania

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