I am in school - Access to education in India

Tdh contributes to reducing the number of children whose education has been disrupted or is at risk of disruption in Kokhrajar, Eastern India.

Terre des hommes (Tdh) implements its ‘I am in school project’ in the conflict affected areas of the Assam region in India. Children are supported with access to education, protection and health, which prevents them from dropping out of school.

In the past 30 years, numerous areas around Kokhrajar (Assam State of India) have been regularly affected by ethnic conflicts. Hundred thousands of children and their families have been forced to flee and lived in congested relief camps. Children have therefore abandoned their education: they got married at an early age, joined insurgency groups or have been exploited for labour.

Targeting 4800 children and 3800 adolescents, the ‘I am in school’ project funded by the EU Children of Peace initiative aims at enhancing a learning and protective environment for children and adolescents in the conflict-affected areas by combining education, protection and health activities:





Parents and teachers are trained to better cater to the needs of children who are out of school or at risk of education disruption. This includes the use of participative and joyful learning techniques and teaching material to ensure the continuation of their education. We also enroll out of school children into special training centres, where they receive bridging courses for joining mainstream schools.




Child Protection

To prevent early marriage and child labour, which disrupt education, we form and train community committees. Children and adolescent members run social peace building activities between different ethnic groups and theatre performances to encourage discussions on child rights and child protection. These children and young adults are being capacitated to identify and solve issues in their own communities.




Health, WASH and hygiene promotion

We support education institutions by carrying out rehabilitation work to provide safe drinking water, functional toilets and hand washing stations. Besides, we train social health workers to enhance their communication skills with adolescents as they represent their focal points for sexual and reproductive health matters.


Terre des hommes’ ‘I am in school’ project, funded by the EU Children of Peace initiative, opens the children a door to their future. Thanks to combining education, protection and health, children are assisted to return to formal education in an adapted environment, which brings sustainable change to their lives.



“The joyful learning activities have helped me to be happy. Now I am telling myself ‘life is getting better'.”

Riya, trafficked as a child, now lives her dreams