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Protecting children from ethnic minorities in Moldova

Roma children are among the most vulnerable in Moldova. They are exposed to long term exclusion and bearing the weight of discrimination. We focus our work on ensuring respect for the right to equality and non-discrimination of this ethnic minority.

In Moldova, only half of Roma children aged between 7 and 15 years attend school, compared to almost 100 per cent of their non-Roma peers. Their parents prefer keeping their children at home because they fear their exposure to bullying. In our EU-funded project, we work with people from twenty communities in Moldova to enhance the protection of human rights and fight against discrimination of ethnic minorities.


This project builds up on our extensive experience in improving the child protection system and training professionals to work with children and their families.


School - a place of social inclusion and diversity

With a strong emphasis on school as a front line of social inclusion and collaboration with the community and local authorities, Tdh continues its efforts to achieve a real change in ensuring the protection from discrimination of Roma children in Moldova,” explains our project manager Teodora Rebeja.


We strengthen the role of school as a place to educate and foster diversity and social inclusion, equality and respect for human rights. We are developing an innovative social theatre programme for students and setting up a network of at least 200 children who act as agents of change to promote tolerance. We will also train 100 teachers to carry out psychosocial activities.



Growing the civic engagement of minorities


The project focuses on empowering Romas and other minorities to take an active role in eradication of stereotypes and prejudices and to stand up for their rights. Together with our local partner, the Institute for Rural Initiatives, we will engage more than 2000 community members and support 100 young leaders to develop their abilities in promoting human rights through our Academy for young leaders.


Sustainable community partnerships

For a sustainable impact, we increase the capacity of local communities to facilitate improved access and inclusion of minorities into the local protective systems. We train 200 representatives of local authorities, social assistants, policemen, teachers and other professionals to more effectively prevent and respond to discrimination. We also support community groups with self-help grants to implement their own inclusive projects based on the local needs.

This two-year project continues our work on ensuring that all children in Moldova benefit from a system that can guarantee their survival, protection, development and participation, with a specific focus on the most vulnerable children.


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