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World Congress on Justice for Children

Since 2009, Terre des hommes (Tdh) has been co-organising the World Congress on Justice for Children. It is a unique chance to bring together the key players in juvenile justice and child rights at an international level, to promote dialogue and cooperation on the central and current topics of child protection, and to improve Tdh’s visibility in this field at a global level.

World Congress on Justice WITH Children 2021


Tdh has co-organised three world congresses on justice for children: in Lima in 2009, in Geneva in 2015 and in Paris in 2018. These events brought together thousands of participants from all over the world and acquired an international reputation among governments, justice professionals and civil society.

The next world congress will take place in 2021, with a slightly different approach: it will not be about justice FOR children, but WITH children.


Preparatory congresses


In 2019 and 2020, several regional and national preparatory meetings have been planned to promote the Global Initiative on Justice for Children at regional and national level, and to identify the most relevant topics for the 2021 World Congress on Justice WITH Children in Mexico.


Already two regional preparatory Meetings have been organised, in Merida (Mexico) for North America, and in Buenos Aires (Argentina) for Latin-America. Several other meetings are currently being arranged in Costa Rica for Central America with the support of the UN Latin American Institute on Crimes and Drugs, in Thailand for Asia and in Kenya for Africa.


The national and regional preparatory meetings aim at:


1. Gathering policy makers, academics and civil society representatives at national and regional level with relevant work and influence in              justice for children to identify key areas of cooperation.


2. Fostering thematic priorities and a national or regional agenda on Justice for Children.


3. Advancing regional commitments and making action-oriented recommendations to serve as a basis for the draft conclusions for                          consideration in next World Congress in 2021.


You can see all the preparatory meetings planned here:



Global Initiative on Justice WITH Children


In the meantime, we have launched the Global Initiative on Justice with Children, in consortium with Penal Reform International and AIMJF, which is a joint programme to address the most current issues related to children in contact and conflict with the law. This initiative is articulated between the organisation of a justice with children global milestone through World Congresses on Justice with Children and a global community of practitioners through The Justice With Children online platform. The objectives of this Global Initiative are to:


1. Make children’s rights effective worldwide.


2. Promote access to justice and participation of children in formal and informal justice systems.


3. Assess the use of deprivation of liberty and promoting non-custodial measures worldwide.


4. Create continuity between each World Congress thanks to an online follow up of actions defined during national, regional and global events.



For more information, please contact Cedric FOUSSARD (, in charge of the organization of the forthcoming World Congress and the regional preparatory meetings.


©Tdh/ Grace Medina/ Photo credit

©Tdh/ Photo credit