Terre des hommes

Every day, Terre des hommes is active all over the world helping children in situations of extreme distress.

Becoming a sponsor means that you are helping children to change their destiny every day...

Every day counts.

The day

Paula felt safe once again.

Children are the primary victims of armed conflict.

Terre des hommes supports children who are displaced and affected by armed conflicts by offering them psychosocial activities in a protected space as well as providing basic goods.

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The day

Yaya went from working to attending school.

There are 85 million children in the world forced to work in dangerous conditions.

To fight against this scourge, Terre des hommes initiates projects to protect child victims of exploitation and reintegrate them into school or vocational training.

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The day

Mahdi was able to have a heart operation.

Around 440,000 children die each year as the result of congenital defects.

Terre des hommes facilitates access to specialised care for disadvantaged children. In 2013, 256 children were able to receive care in Europe for illnesses that are untreatable in their own country.

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The day

Chadni could access shelter from inclement weather.

Bangladesh regularly experiences natural disasters such as flooding and cyclones.

Terre des hommes equips families to deal with natural disasters by teaching them elevated vegetable gardening techniques, for example, which are more resistant to flooding.

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The day

Bibata was seen by a doctor for the first time.

One child in four around the world suffers from stunted growth as a result of malnutrition.

In Burkina Faso, the work carried out by Terre des hommes has resulted in 400,000 free consultations being offered and a 92% recovery rate for children suffering from malnutrition in Tdh intervention zones.

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The day

you chose to change their destiny.

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5 good reasons to become a sponsor with Tdh:

Each year, millions of children become victims of abuse and exploitation. Together, we can stop this injustice.

With a donation starting at just one franc a day, you can contribute to helping children escape their misery and keep them safe.

1. Your long-term commitment enables us to support children on a long-term basis if necessary.
2. With Terre des hommes, you help not just one child, but several.
3. In all of our intervention countries, we work on the ground with children, their families and their communities. This means that children benefit directly from your donation.
4. Thanks to your donations, we can keep children safe
in the long term.
5. 87% of donations are channelled directly into
our projects for children.

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