La pandémie menace les familles vulnérables.
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Deputy Operations Manager MENA Region

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Publié 16/11/2020
Entrée en fonction 01/12/2020
Délai 15/12/2020
Famille de métier
Emplacement , Suisse
Conditions générales
Description générale Under the supervision of the Operations manager and for the Delegations under his/her responsibility, The Deputy contributes to the deployment of Tdh’s 2030 Vision and to the five-year strategic plan implementation, in accordance with the Foundation's social mission and code of conduct / guidelines. S/he enforces the Foundation's policies and guidelines within its field teams. S/he ensures the smooth cross-functionality of the teams under her/his responsibility; and between headquarters and field teams in order to promote / strengthen cohesion. S/he manages finances (expenditures) with all prudence and in accordance with policies and guidelines of the Finance Department. In coordination with the Human Resources Department, s/he identifies and plans human resources needs necessary to ensure the proper implementation and functioning of field operations. S/he thus contributes to the development of our Foundation's talent pool. S/he ensures the efficient implementation and follow-up of the Foundation's security and safety plan and procedures. S/he oversees the security management of field staff during security incidents; in collaboration with HQ Risks team. S/he represents the Foundation in dealings with institutional and private partners. Upon request of Communication Department, s/he is available for contacts with press and media. S/he demonstrates strong, ethical and exemplary leadership to maintain our Foundation’s good reputation. S/he is accountable to the beneficiaries, collaborators and donors. S/he may act as interim Operations Manager, if necessary.
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Cahier des charges
  • Lead the construction of the annual action plan of each Delegation under her/his responsibility, in accordance with the Foundation's five-year strategic plan and the priorities set by the Direction of Operations, and in coordination with the programmatic teams
  • Act as main focal point for the Country Representative and their coordination teams on a day-to-day basis; in response to their needs, support and advise the Country Representative
  • Set the objectives for all staff under her/his direct supervision, more importantly Country Representatives
  • Anticipate, analyze and alert the Operations Manager concerning all risks related to activities of her/his Delegations, whether programmatic, security, legal or financial
  • Takes part to the Country Representatives recruitments process, to their onboarding and briefings, as well as the continuous training of field staff; and carry out professional appraisal interviews in accordance with internal processes
  • Be constantly informed of the geopolitical, socio-economic and humanitarian contexts’ evolution within the intervention areas under her/his responsibility; and provide an overall analysis of these regions as part of the action plan and annual report definition
  • Come up with ideas and suggestions to the Operations Manager regarding the choice of exploratory missions and opening of new interventions
  • Being responsible of information gathering and monitoring of security contexts in the Delegations within her/his operational perimeter, develop a global vision of risks’ evolution through the implementation of projects, namely through the development of a network of partners and external resources
  • Follow and lead the management of security incidents in Delegations under her/his responsibility in accordance with the Foundation's internal protocol and procedures
  • University education, Master's level or equivalent;
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a leadership position in the international humanitarian or development sector;
  • At least 1 year experience the MENA region and preferably in volatile and high security contexts;
  • At least 1 year experience in a managerial position in a headquarter;
  • Proven experience in managing projects financed by institutional donors (particularly SDC, ECHO, UN Agencies, OFDA, BPRM);
  • Excellent knowledge of humanitarian and development intervention/action and its environment;
  • Proven capacity for strategic thinking, analysis and synthesis;
  • Ethical and exemplary leadership;
  • Strong team spirit, flexibility, rigor, excellent organizational skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills (active listening skills);
  • Taste for network representation and development;
  • Excellent writing and representation skills in French and English;
  • Knowledge of a third language is an asset, especially Arabic;
Contexte Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the largest Swiss children's relief organization. Since 1960, Tdh has been helping to build a better future for disadvantaged children and their communities through innovative and sustainable solutions. Present in 32 countries with an operational budget of more than 90 million Swiss francs, Tdh works with local and international partners to develop and implement in-field projects that improve daily lives of more than three million children and their families in the areas of health, protection and emergency. Our mission is financed by individual and institutional donors, with administrative costs kept to a minimum.
Années d'expériences professionnelles requises 5-10 ans
Années d'expériences en ONG requises 5-10 ans
Niveau d'études Master
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