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Health and Nutrition Coordinator

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Publié 10/07/2019
Entrée en fonction 02/09/2019
Délai ASAP
Famille de métier Terrain - Santé
Emplacement , Bangladesh
Conditions générales
Description générale The H&N Coordinator reports to the Emergency Coordinator. S/he has technical linkage and to the Health Expert at the HQ and is in charge of managing the programme managers (Health and nutrition) and ensuring the technical quality of implemented projects and leading the strategic and tactical vision and subsequent fundraising regarding his/her field of coordination. He/she works in complete line with the project strategies defined for the intervention in Bangladesh (Cox’s Bazar area + Teknaff). He/she works in close coordination with the governmental and non-governmental agencies, with the coordination system, to develop, monitor and orientate the projects. He/she works with all relevant authorities at district and community level (civil, religious, police, militaries and all other services) for a better implementation, acceptance and ownership in improving the conditions to protect children.
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Cahier des charges

Supervising local and international program teams

  • He/ she is responsible for the management of the Health and Nutrition programme teams, both expatriate program managers and local staff.
  • He/ she ensures that proper management tools are put in place (Action plan, cost plan, HR procedures, individual assessments, setting up of objectives, organization of team meetings, etc.)
  • He/she continuously supports the management efforts of the middle managers under his/her supervision (Health Nutrition Program Managers, Nurses, deputies, etc.)
  • He/ she ensures, supervises or facilitates the continued capacity building of the local and an international member of the team, participates in the identification of training needs and recommends training action internally or externally.

Defining and ensuring health, nutrition programs are established and monitored properly in his/ her operation area.

  • He/ she ensures in close collaboration with Program Managers that Nutrition and health programs are properly carried out in the field (targets, monitoring of timetables, respect of activity schedules, budgetary monitoring and contractual reports etc.)
  • He/ she monitors regularly progress and delays associated with his/her programmes and alerts the Emergency Coordinator and the Health Expert (or Roving) in case of any problems and works with his/her Program Managers on changes which could be made (in terms of activities, operation area, budget, schedule by which the program is carried out etc.).
  • He/ she establish a formal coordination system (meetings, reports etc.) for his/her programmes and ensures that this system is implemented in close collaboration with the Child Protection, WASH and other support coordinators.
  • He/ she leads and contributes to writing the monthly sitrep on his/her pogrammes
  • When new operations are outlined, he/ she ensures that operational means are well defined in order to allow for the program and its subsequent monitoring to be well carried out.
  • He/ she supports Programmes Managers under his/her responsibility when it comes to budget follow up and monitoring

Ensuring the quality and accountability of the projects by ensuring a robust technical monitoring

  • He/ she ensures the compliance of technical practices in Health/Nutrition with the mandate and operations policies of Tdh and with adequacy with theinternational standards,
  • Participate actively in the cluster and sector related to nutrition and health
  • He/ she ensures that the strategy of the mission and the programs complies with the technical frameworks of Tdh and international standards
  • He/ she supports his/her Program Managers in achieving the accountability and quality in the programmes implemented.
  • He/she spends sufficient time to do field visits to monitor the projects and keep a good overview ot the projets and situation
  • He/she ensures that complain mechanisms are in place to ease accountability

Ensuring the production and management of Timely, Accurate and Analytical Information

  • He/ she understands, disseminates and trains staff on donor guidelines and grant management principles
  • He/ she liaises regularly with his/her Program Managers and grant manager to ensure the production of quality reports across areas and across donors;
  • He/ she supports the recruitment and training of staff to build up a productive and high performance team in terms of reporting
  • He/ she supervises and actively supports the work of his/ her Program Managers when it comes to budget follow up and forecasts of his/ her programmes and works in close relation with The Finance Department to ensure greater coherence between financial and narrative reports.

Leading, coordinating the monitoring & evaluation / ensuring quality protocol is implemented

  • He/ she coordinates with the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Department (when/if operationally in country, or with colleagues in Head Quarters) to ensure that program implementation is in line with the quality protocols and standards set up by Tdh
  • Hs/ she supports the development of M&E tools for Cox’s Bazar operation
  • He/ she participates in the design of systematic and realistic assessment plans that capture quantitative and qualitative data to report on all indicators in his/her programme, including: needs assessment, baseline and impact surveys.
  • He/ she supports the development of a crosscutting quality culture to all the projects with methodological support

Leading the supervision and development of the emergency operations

  • He/ she keeps his/ herself informed of changes in the humanitarian and political context in Bangladesh and Myanmar and on his/her area of expertise
  • He/ she supervises the identification of humanitarian needs in Cox’s Bazar on health and nutrition
  • He/ she actively participates in the development of the mission by securing close contact with bilateral and multilateral donors/funding agencies, of whom he/she knows the policy (operation strategy, financing policy and modalities, in compliance with the associative project of Tdh).

Participating in the definition of and the revision of operational strategy

  • He/ she monitors changing humanitarian needs in the area which he/she is responsible for and suggests new operations to his/her superior by ensuring that these subscribe properly to Tdh’s mandate and The Country strategy.
  • He/ she works with his/her Program Managers to develop a Health and Nutrition mission strategy. In order to do this, he/she involves local and international teams under his/her supervision by encouraging reflective workshops, in which he/she will make recommendations/suggestions to the coordination team.
  • He/ she ensures that the programs’ strategies respect the values of the Foundation and Tdh’s policies.
  • The Health and Nutrition strategy should involved the Health expert based in HQ and will be technically approved byhim or her. The global strategy must be endorsed by the Head of emergency and the desk officer.

Ensuring the circulation of information and the representation of Tdh

  • He/ she ensures information is efficiently communicated between the field and the coordination office and Lausanne
  • He/she participates in coordination meetings and is an active attendee of these meetings. He/she strongly encourages his/her team in participating in such meetings and in engaging in humanitarian coordination
  • He/ she coordinates the representation (with his/her teams) of Tdh among partners, donors and different authorities for the area in which he/she is responsible for.
  • He/she leads with The Emergency coordinator and Child Protection Coordinator, The Donor relationship
  • Advanced degree in Public Health, Nutrition.
  • Extensive project management experience (management, planning, staff development and training skills) in emergency and/or development programme
  • At least 5 years’ proven experience in a similar position/high management position in the field
  • Technical knowledge in emergency responses, in Health,&Nutrition
  • Excellent knowledge and experience working with institutional funds
  • Significant knowledge and experience in logistics, admin and finance
  • Significant knowledge of international humanitarian response and development work
  • Excellent written and spoken English (French is not required)
  • Advanced IT skills
  • Excellent writing, reporting and communication skills
  • Ability to work in an inter-cultural environment
  • Flexibility
  • Responsive, motivated, good communicator
  • Ability to work under pressure
Contexte erre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Since 1960, Tdh has helped build a better future for deprived children and their communities, making an impact with innovative and sustainable solutions. Active in more than 45 countries, Tdh works with local and international partners to develop and implement field projects which improve the daily lives of over 3 million children and their relatives, in the domains of health, protection and emergency relief. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional support, with administrative costs kept to a minimum. Following the massive displacement of more than 688,000 people into Bangladesh since end of August 2017, Tdh has put in place an important emergency response plan to provide relief to the Rohingya refugees, notably on nutrition, health, WASH and protection.
Années d'expériences professionnelles requises 5-10 ans
Années d'expériences en ONG requises 5-10 ans
Niveau d'études Master
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