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Hygiene/WASH Promotion Roving PM - Erbil/Bagdad

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Publié 04/01/2019
Entrée en fonction 01/02/2019
Délai As soon as possible
Famille de métier Thématique
Emplacement , Irak
Conditions générales Expatriate contract under Swiss labour code 2’950 CHF (~2’550 €) < > 4'300 CHF (~3’700 €) net /month according to experience x 13, Holidays: 25 days per year. Local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance, accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight. Duration: 4 months.
Description générale (S)he will be based in Erbil with regular field project visit in Shergat, Kirkouk, Tal Afar and Anah and new TDH area of intervention. S/he is responsible for supervising and training his/her field teams. S/he ensures decisions and actions are taken in his/her area of intervention and deals with them independently on a daily basis in consultation with the Wash Coordinator. S/he ensures that the outcomes of the project(s) s/he is in charge of are achieved. S/he also acts as the link / the synergy between the project for which s/he is authorized and the other projects developed within the delegation. S/he builds up the expertise in his/her field of intervention. S/he collaborates and coordinate the thematic under the responsability the wash coordinator and the thematic advisors at headquarters to develop and validate the thematic strategy in line with the Tdh strategic commitments, and conduct advocacy and strategic capitalization actions. S/he collaborates with other Tdh sectors. S/he collaborates with the governmental entities in link with her/his domain of intervention with the respect of the local standards.
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Cahier des charges

Re-design the approach to hygiene/health promotion to utilize a Behavior Change Communication (BCC) approach and community involvement since design phase

  • Develops tools and processes to identify triggers and barrier to behavior change for School, Health center and community project.
  • Develop key messages and selection of communication channels to promote behavior change.
  • Develop implementation Hygiene Promotion and Public Health guidelines and supporting resources for BCC approach.
  • Re-develop training package and roles/responsibilities for community level volunteers.
  • Contributes to the definition of the mission’s WASH strategy in cooperation with the WASH Project Manager.
  • Assist in developing innovative modes of establishing new infrastructure by developing E-Library and “serious games”, awareness raising, focus group discussions and evaluations.
  • Manage existing partnerships and potentially develop new partnerships with private sector and/or voluntary organizations.

Support national staff to institutionalize project implementation and monitoring

  • Supports the WASH PM Software in the implementation of Hygiene/Health promotion and BCC Approach.
  • Develops monitoring framework for behavior change communication including indicators of change, monitoring formats/databases, analysis processes.
  • Train staff on use of monitoring framework.

Contribute to the mission’s capitalization and to sectoral approaches

  • Prepares reports as relevant.
  • Participate in sectoral coordination including Ministry and Cluster levels.
  • Contributes to the definition and implementation of capitalization/technical research topics, study the feasibility and if successful assist in the creation and the interaction of water, sanitation, hygiene, heath committees or in their capacity building if existing for the community organization in relation with stakeholder (DOH/DOE/DOW and local comity) develop method for cleaning campaign, complain mecanism, etc.
  • Develop posters and booklets, constantly available for the patients of the centre and have a integrate approach HP/CP in link with TDH child protection and education teams.
  • Master in anthropology/sociology/public Health and experiences in behavior change or communication with an experience in water sanitation or social marketing on the field with an NGO especially in Iraq or middle east.
  • Partnership sensitive and capacity building approach.
  • Project management experience (management, planning, staff  development and  training skills) in development programs.
  • 5 years previous work experience in a relevant position.
  • Proven capabilities in leadership and management required.
  • Good skills in written and spoken English.
  • Good skills in written and spoken Arabic is a plus.
  • Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, and flexibility in cultural and organizational terms.
  • Ability to work well and punctually under pressure.
Contexte End of June 2016, Tdh launched an integrated emergency WaSH, Child Protection, CCCM and NFI response, following several waves of IDPs resulting from military operations to free Shirgat district, as well as the South Mossul Corridor. Tdh is currently operating in Tikrit, Baiji, Tooz,, Shirqat, Anah, Rawa and Al-qu’aim districts. Tdh is also operating in Kirkuk governorate via Cash grant and Child protection assistance. Tdh considers hygiene/health promotion as a transversal activity that completes all the aspects of a WASH intervention. Tdh uses as approach to hygiene promotion, a mix of communication channels, always considering the preferences of the community: when several channels send the same messages, the messages are reinforced.
Années d'expériences professionnelles requises 2-5 ans
Années d'expériences en ONG requises 2-5 ans
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