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Intern - IKM (Information and Knowledge Management) - Lausanne

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Publié 10/01/2020
Entrée en fonction 01/02/2020
Délai recruitment is on-going until the position is filled
Famille de métier
Emplacement , Suisse
Conditions générales 1’500 CHF / gross per month (ongoing studies) – 2’400 CHF / gross per month (studies completed)
Description générale Under the supervision of the Knowledge Management Advisor and the Records Manager, the IKM train-ee participates in the deployment, implementation and respect of the Tdh information and knowledge management program. She / He contributes primarily by entering and digitizing the archive of individual adoption files in the CASEnet case management software (in principle 70%). She / He also helps in the design, development, launch and monitoring of the new digital knowledge enhancement platform Tdh University (in principle 30%).
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  • Captures data relating to persons adopted by Tdh from the available sources and according to the CASEnet interfaces.
  • Digitizes the files relating to the adopted persons according to the classification principles and the scanning practices fixed in collaboration with the IKM team (Information and Knowledge Management).
  • Within the IKM team, she / he actively participates through their feedbacks and proposals to improve the capture and digitalization processes.
  • Documents and reports regularly on the progress of data entry and digitization operations. Support the constitution and promotion of the Tdh University platform, by contributing to design activities


  • Patient and ability to work with care on delicate paper records
  • Education level: University or CFC
  • Attention to detail
  • Linguistic level: Fluent French, German (B1), and English (B1)
  • Affinity for technology
  • Affinity for information management,
  • Experience in information classification
Contexte Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Since 1960, Tdh has helped build a better future for deprived children and their communities, making an impact with innova-tive and sustainable solutions. Active in more than 45 countries, Tdh works with local and international partners to develop and implement field projects which improve the daily lives of over 3 million children and their relatives, in the domains of health, protection and emergency relief. This engagement is fi-nanced by individual and institutional support, with administrative costs kept to a minimum.
Années d'expériences professionnelles requises 0 - 6 mois
Années d'expériences en ONG requises 0-6 mois
Niveau d'études Maturité / Baccalauréat
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