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Logistic Coordinator

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Publié 03/02/2020
Entrée en fonction 15/03/2020
Délai recruitment is on-going until the position is filled
Famille de métier Terrain - Logistique
Emplacement , Irak
Conditions générales Expatriate contract under Swiss labour code 3 400 CHF (~2 950 €) < > 4 750 CHF (~4 100 €) net salary/month according to experience x 13, Annual Leave: 25 days per year. Contract includes also local accommodation and transportation, health and repatriation insurance, return flight.
Description générale The Logistics Coordinator reports to the Country representative, and is in charge of all of the logistics for the delegation, the residence of the Country representative and the projects: • Management of the fleet of vehicles / IT equipment • Procurement – supply • Stock management • Various maintenance Contribute to drawing up intervention strategies and their implementation by project teams, along with the Country Representative, coordinator and project leaders. Participate in drawing up strategic guidelines for the delegation with the Country Representative, the coordinator or project leaders: collect the data and analyse the opportunities and the risks. Initiate discussions on improvements to be made in his/her field. Participate in the development of new tools in his/her field of activity.
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Cahier des charges

Administration / logistics program

  • Manage the logistics of the programmes and intervention zone and material resources.
  • Make sure equipment is supplied according to predetermined planning.
  • Guarantee the management of Tdh property (securing of the human and material resources).
  • Manage the logistics and the maintenance of the base and its equipment. Monitor the maintenance /restoration of the living quarters. Ensure that the Operations Manual is properly applied.

Maintenance and use of technical equipment

  • Organise the allocation and provision of the equipment.
  • Identify the requirements and choose the suppliers.
  • Provide training in the handling of equipment and develop operating procedures.
  • Implement the monitoring tools. Monitor the additional equipment required and advise on the purchase.

Park vehicle

  • Provide preventive and curative maintenance for the fleet of vehicles. Recruit technical staff.

IT park

  • Provide preventive maintenance, including as regards data backup.
  • Identify the base's IT equipment requirements. Diagnose breakdowns and organise the repairs.


  • Install the equipment and maintain it.


  • Implementing power installations or have them built.

Supply Management base and logistics operation

  • Handle orders and service contracts according to the established rules.
  • "Organise the different stages in purchasing goods and services: orders, tracking, taking delivery, any customs clearance, conformity checks and budget check".
  • Provide the (logistical) management for expatriated HR or other people passing through (welcome, lodgings, travel, etc.).
  • Organise travel logistics in the framework of the projects (planning, vehicles, tracking movements, etc.)

Transportation Management

  • Choose the methods of transporting and packaging the merchandise. Schedule shipments and track them up to their final destination. Organise the local transport.

Management of distributions

  • Organise, plan and supervise the implementation of the identified activities in coordination with the other services.
  • Analyse the relevance and appropriateness of the distribution in relation to changes in context and needs Train and supervise the distribution team. Define a distribution process. Monitor and evaluate the distributions.


  • Choose the storage site and its layout plan. Organise the flow of merchandise.
  • Take delivery of the merchandise and check the quality & quantity.
  • See to the physical management of the stock and in particular, attend to phytosanitary measures and expiry dates. Monitor the stock list.

Security Management

  • Conduct security briefings. Comply fully with Tdh security rules and those of the country. Ensure that safety equipment is present, up-to-date and in compliance.


  • Write the monthly reports with analysis of the results. Write the logistics section of the sponsors reports and the Tdh annual report. Create and monitor the tools for obtaining the verification sources necessary to the project.

Participate in specific projects

  • Define the needs. Draw up the budgets. Identify the players. Identify the human resources requirements. Monitor the supply of consumables. Maintain and service the equipment. Compose the invitations to tender. Examine and compare the quotes. Establish the terms of the contracts. Provide the security for the project.

Construction and rehabilitation

  • Coordinate the activities of the various groups of skilled workers. Take delivery of the materials and equipment.

Profile :

  • Education: Professional diploma or university degree in a logistic field (supply, IT, mechanic,…)
  • Language: Fluent in English (written & spoken), knowledge of Arabic is an asset
  • Experiences and aptitudes: At least 2 years’ experience in a similar position – previous experience with an NGO is mandatory
  • Advance IT knowledge (hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Internet)
  • Previous experience in emergency response is appreciated
  • Extensive project management experience (management; planning; staff development and training skills) in emergency · Management experience and strong team leadership qualities
  • Qualities: organized, sense of human relations, diplomacy, communication skills
  • Knowledge of the Iraq/Syrian context would be a distinct advantage
Contexte Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Since 1960, Tdh has helped build a better future for deprived children and their communities, making an impact with innovative and sustainable solutions. Active in more than 45 countries, Tdh works with local and international partners to develop and implement field projects which improve the daily lives of over 3 million children and their relatives, in the domains of health, protection and emergency relief. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional support, with administrative costs kept to a minimum.
Années d'expériences professionnelles requises 2-5 ans
Années d'expériences en ONG requises 2-5 ans
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