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Courage n°46 – Denouncing sexual exploitation

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Summary of the Terre des hommes magazine “Courage” June 2014.

Editorial (page 2): “The price of a child“ by Vito Angelillo.
Said – Done (page 3): Breaking the chains of sexual exploitation in nepal

History (page 4): In Colombia, in exchange for a few gifts or dollars, young girls and boys are exploited by sexual predators. By denouncing these despicable practices, Tdh helps break the cycle of impunity.
Point of view (page 7) : Manuel Díaz Polo, a young Colombian director committed to human rights.

Results 2013 (page 8): …. 103 projects in 36 countries and 2.4 million beneficiaries. Financial results: 87% of the Foundation’s expenses are directly attributed to our programmes for child relief.

A child’s view (page 10): A drawing made by a little girl as part of the Togolese child protection project.
Question (page 11): What is exploitation?

Tdh in action (page 12): An outing to the “Petit Théâtre”.
Coming soon (page 13): Agenda of activities from June to September 2014.
In short (page 13): …The beneficiaries of Terre des hommes’ projects

Hand in hand (page 14): DPD – The rolling oranges
Portrait (page 15): Sandra Bohner: “For me, Tdh is…sometimes the last chance to save a child’s life.

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Publié par Terre des hommes
Date 29.10.2015
Nombre de pages 16 pages
Auteur Communication

Terre des hommes

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