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26.03.2015 - Actualité

Specialised care: Which child can be operated?

A difficult choice

The doctors constantly have to decide which child will have the opportunity to be treated. The choice is made based on several factors, but certainly isn’t easy. A heart operation is extremely expensive and time-consuming. The children that are operated in Bern remain up to three months in Switzerland for recovery. The large investment necessary for an operation requires a pragmatic decision, even if every child deserves to receive medical treatment: how likely is the success of the operation? Is one operation enough? If not, does it make more sense to operate one child three times, or to help three children who each need one operation?

“Leaving a child behind is a tough decision which affects us deeply”, says Kadner between examinations at the children’s hospital in Rabat (Morocco). “I will probably never get used to it.”

But what really drives him are moments like this one. After examining 7-month-old Abdullah, Kadner announces to his parents with a smile: “We analysed the images of his heart. I believe that we can do something for him.”

As part of its specialised care programme*, Terre des hommes aims to ensure access to treatment for all children with serious illnesses.*

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