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10.05.2013 - Actualité

Palestinian territories: Tdh participates in the Palestinian Children’s Day

In the framework of these celebrations, schools, the main associations for the defence of child rights as well as representatives of the authorities got together in the north of the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of youngsters took part in the performances of song and dance, poetry readings and theatre plays to explain in their own way their dreams and hopes for the future. The children from the Tdh centre for protection in Beit Lahyia were not left untouched as young girls sang a song about the right of Palestinian children to enjoy the same rights as any other children.

For their part, members of the Ministries for Social Affairs and Educations gave speeches highlighting respect for international agreements on child rights as well as the necessity of developing cooperation between all the players to stop the exploitation of children. Tdh, through its delegate Jeremie Bron, also sent a message emphasizing that Tdh will go on fighting to defend the rights of Palestinian children for as long as it takes. Thanks for its support were in addition given to the Foundation for its work and its fruitful collaboration with the authorities since its arrival in the Palestinian Territories in 1973.

In the Palestinian Territories, Tdh collaborates closely with Swiss Solidarity, the Ministries for Social Affairs and Education, as well as with the local organization BLDA (Beit Lahyia Development Association).