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Emergency response in Nepal

One of Terre des hommes’ main objectives in Nepal is to provide assistance to children and families affected by the earthquake in April 2015. Their health and education are central to the work of the Foundation.

Reconstruction after the earthquake

Nepal has been hit by a series of earthquakes, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and widespread damage. Many schools and health centres have been destroyed.

In April 2015, the country was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Terre des hommes responded swiftly by distributing basic necessities such as blankets, drinking water and food to the local communities, particularly in small villages which were all but destroyed. Our teams have created designated areas where children can gather to play and our mobile clinics are on hand to treat those injured. We have also set up temporary schools so that children can continue their education in a safe place and installed prefabricated hospitals for a period of over ten years.

Tdh is currently rebuilding 17 health centres in the Kavre district and is working to improve the skills of local medical staff in the area of mother and child health.



On Saturday 25 April 2015 Nepal, one of Asia’s poorest countries, was hit by a devastating earthquake. Thousands of civilians died and many more were injured, including three-year old Bivisha, who suffered a fractured leg.

Bivisha, earthquake survivor

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