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“I believe our duty is to help the most vulnerable children by any means necessary. As head of Philanthropy, I am responsible for the donor’s satisfaction when implementing their projects.”
Vincent Maunoury, Head of Philanthropy / Legacies

+41 58 611 07 86


Avenue de Montchoisi 15, 1006 Lausanne

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Terre des hommes

Avenue de Montchoisi 15

CH-1006 Lausanne

+41 58 611 06 66


Terre des hommes

Limmatstrasse 111

CH-8005 Zürich

+41 44 245 40 40

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Boutique in Lausanne:
Rue de Genève 17, 1003 Lausanne
021 320 53 09

Boutique in Fribourg:
Rue de Lausanne 19, 1700 Fribourg
026 322 45 77

Boutique in Thoune:
Aarequai 60, 3600 Thun
033 336 82 17


What does Terre des hommes do?

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss child relief agency. The Foundation has been helping children in need for over 50 years, defending their rights regardless of their race, creed or political affiliation. In over 30 countries, Tdh protects children against exploitation and violence, improves children’s and their mother’s health and provides emergency psychological and material support in humanitarian crises.

In which countries does Tdh work?

Tdh works in over 30 countries throughout the world in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle and Far East.

Is Tdh politically active?

Terre des hommes is an independent foundation that is not affiliated to any religious or political organisation. We work to protect vulnerable children and their families, regardless of their race, creed or political affiliation. Where children's rights are abused or not observed, we are outspoken advocates for change. This involves a constructive debate with stakeholders of all kinds: e.g. civil-society groups, law-makers, political and religious leaders.

Who was Edmond Kaiser?

Edmond Kaiser (1914 – 2000) was a French-Swiss dual citizen who founded Terre des hommes in 1960. Shaken by the appalling situation of children in refugee camps during the Algerian conflict in 1960, he devoted the rest of his life to helping children in need.

Does Tdh run any aid projects in Switzerland?

Terre des hommes advocates for children and their rights. Our volunteers and employees organise campaigns to raise awareness of our work among the public and to collect donations. Many children are also transferred to Switzerland to be operated on as part of our medical missions.

Will my donation really be used to help children in need?

Yes, the use of all donations and expenses is monitored. The ZEWO certificate guarantees that we are a nonprofit charity. 86% of the donations goes directly to our child relief projects, 14% is used for the functioning of our headquarters and for communication and fundraising campaigns.

Quelles possibilités de bénévolat offre Terre des hommes?

Les alternatives sont multiples. En fonction de votre disponibilité vous pouvez:

  • Être membre d’un Comité pour aider à coordonner un groupe bénévole et prendre en charge l’organisation des actions (activité régulière, compatible avec le travail ou études)
  • Devenir marraine pour accompagner et soutenir des enfants pendant leurs soins chirurgicaux aux hôpitaux (CHUV, HUG, Insel) (activité régulière, 2 demi-journées par semaine)
  • Soutenir les actions du groupe bénévole (activité sporadique, 2 – 3 jours, une ou plusieurs fois dans l’année)
  • Devenir convoyeur/euse pour transporter des enfants opérés à la sortie de l’hôpital et jusqu’à La Maison de Tdh en Valais. (avec votre véhicule, réponse aux appels – plusieurs fois dans l’année)
  • Être traducteur/trice bénévole des documents de Tdh (activité spécialisée, sporadique, plusieurs fois dans l’année).

Vous trouverez toutes les informations dans la rubrique «Bénévolat». De plus, nous vous envoyons volontiers notre documentation.

Qu'est-ce que Terre des hommes Valais?

Terre des hommes Valais gère La Maison à Massongex, un home médicalisé pour enfants, et est à ce titre l’un des principaux partenaires de la Fondation Tdh pour notre programme de soins spécialisés. La Maison accueille des enfants gravement malades provenant d’une quinzaine de pays d’Afrique, du Moyen-Orient et d’Europe de l’Est transférés en Suisse pour y être opérés.

What is the difference between Tdh Switzerland based in Geneva and the Tdh Foundation with its headquarters in Lausanne?

Terre des hommes Switzerland and the Tdh Foundation are two different organisations. This is the result of a separation in 1972 due to a differences of opinion between the people responsible for the organisation at that time. The two organisations are nevertheless complementary. They manage their projects independently but occasionally work together.

Why is it that when I search for on the Internet, I do not get your website?

The address “” belongs to Terre des hommes Switzerland (Geneva and Basel). Our own address is abbreviated:

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